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Achrol (Thikana)

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Hindi Nameअचरोल
Last Updated24th Dec, 2020

Present Head/Ruler


Short History

Thakur of Achrol is the head of Balbhadrot subclan of Kachwaha Rajputs, being descended from Kunwar Balbhadra Singh, son of Raja Prithviraj Singh of Amber.


  • Thakur Kesri Singh of Achrol is the head of the Balbhadrot sub-clan of the Kachhwaha Rajputs, being descended from Raja Prithwi Raj (1438—1528) through the latter’s son Balbhadar. Thakur Balbhadar was killed in Gujarat, and his son, Achaldas, quelled a rebellion in Shaikhawati, receiving the office of Fauj Musahib in recognition of his service. He and his followers were subsequently killed in the battle of Dhanori. His son Mohan Singh and his grandson, Kan Singh, were also Fauj Musahib in their turn. In the reign of Maharaja Ram Singh II Thakur Ranjit Singh was appointed Faujdar (City Magistrate) and subsequently Judge of the Appellate Court. Later on, he became a member of Council. Thakurs Lachhmaun Singh and Raghunath Singh also held the office of Judge of the Appellate Court. The family estate which is situated eighteen miles to the north of Jaipur serves the Darbar with horse. Thakur Kesri Singh succeeded his father, Thakur Raghunath Singh, in 1891. He has one younger brother, Kishan Singh, aged twelve years, and no son. His next relatives are Thakur Ram Nath Singh and his two brothers. (Source: Chiefs and Leading Families in Rajputana by Charles Stuart Bayley)


  • Thakur BALBHADRA SINGH, Thakur of Achrol fl.1550, married and had issue. He was killed in Gujarat.
    • Thakur Achal Das (qv)
  • Thakur ACHAL DAS, Thakur of Achrol, quelled a rebellion in Shekhawati and received the office of Fauj Musahib in recognition of his services, married and had issue. He was killed in the battle of Dhanori.
    • Thakur Mohan Singh (qv)
  • Thakur MOHAN SINGH, Thakur of Achrol, Fauj Musahib, married and had issue
    • Thakur Kan Singh (qv)
  • Thakur KAN SINGH, Thakur of Achrol, Fauj Musahib,
  • ……
  • Thakur KAIM SINGH, Thakur of Achrol fl.1814, fought bravely against Col. Muhammad Mahtab Khan in a battle fought at Hindaun (1817), appointed Chief Magistrate of Jaipur.
  • Thakur RANJIT SINGH, Thakur of Achrol fl.1857, Faujdar, Judge of the Apellate Court, Member of the State Council, married Thakurani Kishan Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Bhawani Singh of Lambia, and his wife, Thakurani Ratan Kanwar.
  • ……
  • Thakur LAKSHMAN SINGH, Thakur of Achrol, Judge of the Apellate Court,
  • Thakur RAGHUNATH SINGH, Thakur of Achrol -/1891, Judge of the Apellate Court, married and had issue. He died in February, 1891.
    • Thakur Kesri Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Kishan Singh, born 1882, married the eldest daughter of Thakur Sagat Singhji of Daspan, and his wife Thakurani Heera Kanwar.
  • Thakur KESRI SINGH, Thakur of Achrol 1891/-, born 27th August 1875, Honorary Judge of the Apellate Court; married Thakurani Anand Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Bhim Singh of Kanota, and had issue, two sons and three daughters.
    • Rajadhiraj Hari Singhji (qv)
    • Colonel Maharaj Rao Saheb Shardool Singhji, born 27th February 1906, married Rani Indra Kumari of Ameta, she has one daughter.
      • Baisa Laxmi Kanvar [Thakurani Laxmi Kanvar of Sudasna], married Thakur Kirtikumar Singhji of Sudasna, and has issue, one daughter.
    • Baijilal (name unknown) (eldest daughter), married (as his second wife), February 1911, Major-General HH 108 Sri Maharaj Adhiraj Raj Rajeshwar Ravi Kula Bushana-Mahi Mahindra Yavadarya Kula Kamaldhivakara Chattis Rajkul Singar Maharana Shri Sir Bhupal Singhji Bahadur Hindua Suraj Hindupati, Maharana of Udaipur.
    • Baijilal Aman Kunwar (second daughter), married (as his first wife), Dharmalankar Dharm-Bhushan Dharm-Diwaker Sahityabhusan Shreeman Maharaj Bharat Singhji Sahib, Raja Sahib of Multhan in Madhya Pradesh, and had issue.
    • Kumari Shri Nainkunwarba [HH Maharani Shri Nainkunwarba Sahiba] (third daughter), married 12th May 1937, HH Maharaja Shri Vikramsinhji Bhojrajsinhji Sahib of Gondal, and had issue.
  • Rajadhiraj HARI SINGHJI, Thakur of Achrol, born 15th July 1901, he served as Honorary Sigha Member in the Police and Judicial Department of the Jaipur State Council; married Rani Thirthraj Kumari of Jigni, and had issue.
    • Rajadhiraj Mahendra Singhji (qv)
    • Thakur Jayendra Singhji, married Thakurani Madhvi Kumari of Kodh, M.P., and has issue.
      • Kunwar Aanand Singh
      • Kunwar Abhey Singh
    • Thakur Ravi Singhji, married Thakurani Padmini Singh of Podah in Jaisalmer, and has issue.
      • Baisa Arundhati Singh
      • Kunwar Achal Kirti Singh
  • Rajadhiraj MAHENDRA SINGHJI, Thakur of Achrol (see above)

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