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Akalkot (Princely State)

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AgencySholapur Agency (1930)
Revenue ₹ 7,58,000 (1940)
Accession8th March 1948
Population92,605 (1941)
Area1,290 km²
Privy Purse₹ 73,785
Hindi Nameअक्कलकोट 
Also known asAkkalkot

Present Head/Ruler

Rani Shrimant Sumitraraje Sahib Bhonsle, Head of the Royal House of Akalkot, has adoptive issue, a son.

  •  Shrimant Majoji Raje Bhonsle

Short History

Raja Saheb of Akalkot is a Maratha of the Bhonsle family and is a first-class Sardar of the Deccan. He is descended from Meherban Shrimant Ranoji, the adopted son of Shrimant Rajashri Shahu Shivaji Chhatrapati Maharaj Bhonsle, grandson of Shivaji the Great.


  • Meherban Shrimant Sayaji Lokhende, Patil of Parad.
    • Meherban Shrimant Ranoji Lokhende, Raja of Akalkot (see below).
    • Meherban Shrimant Bahaji Lokhende, Patil of Parad.
      • Meherban Shrimant Raja Shahaji I Fatehsinh Raje [Bala Sahib] Bhonsle, Raja of Akalkot (see below).
      • Meherban Shrimant … Patil. He left a descendant.
      • Meherban Shrimant Bhawanrao Patil, had issue, three sons:
        • Meherban Shrimant Buwajirao Bhawanrao Patil.
        • Meherban Shrimant Ramchandrarao Bhawanrao Patil.
        • Meherban Shrimant Dawlatrao Bhawanrao Patil.
  • Raja Meherban Shrimant FATTEHSINGHRAO I BHONSLE, 1st Raja of Akalkot 1708/1760, born as Ranoji Sayaji Lokhanday, Patil of Parud in the Sewari Pargana of Aurangabad province, he was taken into the family of Raja Shivaji II of Sattara, without being formally adopted, and conferred with the surname of Bhonsle; while still very young he was given command of a detachment of infantry, and was able to disperse some troublesome Bhil warriors, whereupon his name was changed to Fattehsingh; he advanced in favour with the Raja at his court, and was rewarded with Akalkot as a hereditary jagir, married 1stly, Rani Ahilyabai, she committed sati in 1760, married 2ndly Rani Gujabai, she committed sati in 1760, and had adoptive issue, his brother’s son. He died 1760 at Akalkot.
    • (A) Raja Meherban Shrimant Shahajirao Fattehsinghrao Bhonsle I (qv)
  • Raja Meherban Shrimant SHAHAJIRAO I alias BABA SAHEB RAJE FATTEHSINGHRAO BHONSLE, 2nd Raja of Akalkot 1760/1789, married and had issue.
    • Raja Meherban Shrimant Fattehsinghrao alias Aba Saheb Raje Shahajirao Bhonsle II (qv)
    • Shrimant Tuljaji Shahajirao Bhonsle, he was granted the village of Kurla for his maintenance, married and had issue, the Kurlekar branch.
      • generations
        • Shrimant Tuljaji (Fatehsinhrao) Bhonsle, married and had issue. He died after 1881.
      • generations
        • Shrimant Sardar Ganpatji Raje Bhonsle of Kurla, married Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyavati Saraswatibai Raje Bhonsle; she succeeded to the estate of her laqte husband in 1931.
    • Shrimati Taibai Sahib, she was granted the village of Bagehalli as her dowry, married Shrimant (name unknown) Naik Nimbalkar, and had issue.
      • generations
        • Shrimant Ramchandrarao Ganpatrao Naik Nimbalkar, Jagirdar of Bagehalli, born 3rd April 1918.
  • Raja Meherban Shrimant FATTEHSINGHRAO II alias ABASAHEB RAJE SHAHAJIRAO BHONSLE, 3rd Raja of Akalkot 1789/1822, born 1770, married and had issue. He died 1822.
    • Raja Meherban Shrimant Malojirao alias Baba Saheb Raje Fattehsinghrao Bhonsle I (qv)
  • Raja Meherban Shrimant MALOJIRAO I alias BABASAHEB RAJE FATTEHSINGHRAO BHONSLE, 4th Raja of Akalkot 1822/1828, born 1803, married and had issue. He died 1828.
    • Raja Meherban Shrimant Shahajirao alias Appa Saheb Raje Malojirao Bhonsle II (qv)
    • Shrimant Fatehsingh Malojirao Bhonsle
  • Raja Meherban Shrimant SHAHAJIRAO II alias APPASAHEB RAJE MALOJIRAO BHONSLE, 5th Raja of Akalkot 1828/1857, born 1821, married Rani Kamala Bai Saheb, and had issue. He died 1857.
    • Raja Meherban Shrimant Malojirao alias Bhuwa Saheb Raje Shahajirao Bhonsle II (qv)
  • Raja Meherban Shrimant MALOJIRAO II alias BHUWASAHEB RAJE SHAHAJIRAO BHONSLE, 6th Raja of Akalkot 1857/1870, born 1838, his ruling powers were removed in 1866 due to his misrule, and placed under the management of the British Government; married Rani Kamlabai Raje Bhonsle, died after 1887, and had issue, one son. He died 1870.
    • Raja Meherban Shrimant Shahajirao III alias Baba Saheb Raje Malojirao Bhonsle (qv)
  • Rao Meherban Shrimant SHAHAJIRAO III alias BABASAHEB RAJE MALOJIRAO BHONSLE, 7th Raja of Akalkot 1870/1896, born 1867, educated at Rajaram College, Kolhapur, he succeeded to the gadi in 1870, and was granted full ruling powers in 1891, married 1881, Shrimati Rani Lakshmi Bai Saheb, daughter of Dhaibar Killedar of Baroda, by his wife, a grand-daughter of HH Maharaja Gaekwad Khanderao of Baroda, she adopted a boy from the Kurlekar branch of the family in 1898, and had issue. He died spm in December 1896.
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Guzra Bai Raje, born about 1886.
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Putala Bai Raje, born about 1889, married Meherban Shrimant Ramrao II Amritrao alias Abasaheb Dafle, Chief of Jath, and had issue, three sons and two daughters.
  • Lieutenant Raja Meherban Shrimant FATEHSINGHRAO III alias BAPUSAHEB RAJE SHAHAJIRAO BHONSLE, 8th Raja of Akalkot 1896/1923, born 24th August 1894 as son of Shrimant Sardar Ganpatji Bhavanji Raje Bhonsle of Kurla, died before 1931, and his wife, Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyavati Saraswatibai, died after 1931, he succeeded to the gadi in 1896 but the state was managed by the British Government during his minority; he was conferred with the Honorary rank of Lieutenant in the Army in 1914 and attached to the 9th Hussars and proceeded to France on the Staff; he returned to India on 31st October 1915 and subsequently he was invested with full ruling powers on 20th August 1916 and raised to the Honorary rank of Captain on 1st January 1918 in recognition of his services during WWI; married Rani Shrimant Tarabai [Lakshmi Bai (Akka Sahib)], born 1899, died 1942, daughter of Meherban Shrimant Rajamanya Rajashri Sir Pirajirao Bapu Sahib Ghatge, Chief of Kagal-Senior, and had issue, two sons and two daughters. He died 3rd April 1923.
    • Raja Meherban Shrimant Vijayasinghrao Fatehsinghrao Bhonsle (qv)
    • Raja Meherban Shrimant Jayasinghrao Fatehsinghrao Bhonsle (qv)
    • Shrimant Soubhagyavati Leelawati Raje, she married in March 1929, Lt. Meherban Shrimant Raja Vijaysinghrao Ramrao alias Babasaheb Dafle, Raja of Jath, and had issue.
    • Shrimant Sushilabai Raje Bhonsle. born 1919. She died 13th August 1920.
    • Shrimant Soubhagyavati Pramila Raje aka Shrimant Rajkumari Vijayraje Sahib Bhonsle [Rajmata of Kagal-Senior], born 1920, married Meherban Shrimant Rajamanya Rajashri Jaisinghrao Pirajirao Ghatge, Chief of Kagal-Senior, and had issue, two sons. She died 10th July 2008.
  • Raja Meherban Shrimant VIJAYASINGHRAO BHONSLE, 9th Raja of Akalkot 1923/1952, born 13th December 1915, he succeeded to the gadi on 4th April 1923; invested with full ruling powers on 27th February 1936; educated at Bishop’s High School, Poona, at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (passing the Diploma Examination in 1932), at the Deccan College, Poona and undertook administrative training at Bangalore; during his minority, the state was administered by a Council of regency headed by the Rajmata; Member of the Chamber of Princes in his own right; Vice-Patron and Member of the Cricket Club of India; Member of the Royal Western India Turf Club; Member of the Western India Automobile Club; married 1stly, 1934, Rani Kamalaraje Scindia, born 11th November 1914 and died 8 days after the wedding, daughter of HH Maharaja Scindia Madhavrao II Scindia, 8th Maharaja of Gwalior, and his wife, HH Maharani Gajraje Sahiba, daughter of the Sar Desai of Sankli, married 2ndly, Rani Nirmalaraje, she died sp in 1974?, daughter of Maharajkumar Shivajirao Gaekwad, and his wife, Rani Kamala Devi, and granddaughter of HH Maharaja Gaekwad Sayajirao III of Baroda, she was Minister for Education in Bombay State. He died sp on 10th April 1952.
  • Raja Meherban Shrimant JAYASINGHRAO BHONSLE, 10th Raja of Akalkot 1952/1965, married Rani Mrudula Devi, and had issue, as well as further issue. He died spml on 20th January 1965.
    • Rani Shrimant Sumitraraje Sahib Bhonsle (qv)
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyogitaraje Sahib Bhonsle, lives in Pune.
    • Shrimant Janmairaje Bhonsle (by a secondary liaison), ineligible to succeed to the gadi.
  • Rani Shrimant Sumitraraje Sahib Bhonsle, Head of the Royal House of Akalkot (see above)

Other Members

These three nobles hold the village of Kurla in Khatav Taluka of the Satara District, as a Jagir, with a revenue of approx. Rs5,600, and they are also in receipt of Mokasbab amounting to Rs5,455 p.a. allotted to them by this state direct from the British Treasuries.

  • Meherban Tuljaji Shivaji Raje Bhonsle
  • Meherban Shrimant Sardar Ganpatji Bhavanji Raje Bhonsle, joint Jagirdar of Kurla, a First Class Sardar of the Deccan, married Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyavati Saraswatibai, died after 1931, and had issue. He died before 1931.
    • Shrimant (name unknown) Ganpatji, he was adopted in 1898, by Shrimati Rani Lakshmi Bai Saheb, widow of Raja Meherban Shrimant Shahajirao III, and he succeeded as Raja Raja Meherban Shrimant Fatehsinghrao III alias Bapusaheb Raje Shahajirao Bhonsle, 8th Raja of Akalkot (see above)
  • Meherban Sambhaji Tuljaji Raje Bhonsle

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