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Amet (Thikana)

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Revenue₹ 28,000 (1908)
Population8,616 (1908)
Hindi Nameआमेट
Last Updated19th Jul, 2021

Present Ruler/Head

Rawat Shri PRABHU PRAKASH SINGH Ji, present Rawat Sahib of Amet, born 1934, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; he was a special guest amongst the Chundawat nobles of Mewar at a meeting withe the Maharana of Mewar in Chittaurgarh; married Kunwarani Anand Kumari of Chanod, Marwar [Rani Sahiba Anand Kunwar of Amet], and has adoptive issue.

  • Kunwar Jaivardhan Singh, married to Kunwarani Kankshani Aparna Jodha, daughter of Ghanshyam Singh Jodha, granddaughter of Capt. Bhagwan Singh Jodha of Thikana Singrawat Badi (Nagaur).

Short History

Amet lies in the north-west of Udaipur and is a Thikana of supreme importance in Mewar. Rawat of Amet is a Sisodia Rajput of the Chundawat clan and Jagawat sub-clan.


  • Rawat SIHA SINGH, grandson of Rao Chunda of Mewar, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Jagga Singh (qv)
  • Rawat JAGGA SINGH, married and had issue, the Jaggawat sub-clan, fl.1515 .
  • Rawat PATTA SINGH, married and had issue. He died 1567.
    • Rawat Karan Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Shekha Singh, fourth son, he was granted the Jagir of Lasani, married and had issue.
  • Rawat KARAN SINGH, 1st Rawat of Amet.
  • Rawat MAN SINGH I, 2nd Rawat of Amet, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Madho Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Ram Singh, he was granted the Jagir of Tal.
    • Kunwar Ratan Singh, he was granted the Jagir of Peethawas.
  • Rawat MADHO SINGH, 3rd Rawat of Amet, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Goverdhan Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Hari Singh, third son, he was granted the Jagir of Bemali, ancestor of the Meja family.
  • Rawat GOVERDHAN SINGH, 4th Rawat of Amet
  • Rawat DULE SINGH, 5th Rawat of Amet
  • Rawat PRITHVI SINGH I, 6th Rawat of Amet
  • Rawat MAN SINGH II, 7th Rawat of Amet
  • Rawat FATEH SINGH, 8th Rawat of Amet
  • Rawat PRATAP SINGH, 9th Rawat of Amet, married (a), Rani Ratan Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Sangram Singh of Siriyari, married (b), Rani Sardar Kanwar, daughter of Rao Sangram Singh of Parsoli, and his second wife, Rani Puran Kanwar.
  • Rawat SALAM SINGH, 10th Rawat of Amet fl.1760
  • Rawat PRITHVI SINGH II, 11th Rawat of Amet -/1857, married (amongst others), Rani Sahiba Mertaniji, but had adoptive issue. He died sp 1857.
    • (A) Kunwar Amar Singh, second son of Rawat Zalim Singhji of Bemali, his succession was contested by Kunwar Chattar Singh of Jilola who was more closely related to the late Rawat, he later received the Jagir of Meja.
  • Rawat CHATTAR SINGH, 12th Rawat of Amet 1860/1874, born in the Jilola family, he successfully contested the nomination of Kunwar Amar Singh of Bemali, and was eventually installed on 29th May 1860; married Rani Sobhag Kanwar, daughter of Rao Laxman Singhji of Parsoli, and his first wife, a daughter of Chundawat Rawat Tej Singh of Athana, and had issue.
    • Rawat Shivnath Singh (qv)
  • Rawat SHIVNATH SINGH, 13th Rawat of Amet 1874/-, born 11th December 1869, succeeded his father in 1874, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; he adopted his successor, married and had issue.
    • HH Maharani Ram Kunwarba Sahiba, born 1903, married 1917, Major HH Maharana Shri Maharaja Shri Raj Sir Ghanshyamsinhji Ajitsinhji Sahib Bahadur of Dhrangadhra. She died 1932.
    • (A) Rawat Govind Singh (qv)
  • Rawat GOVIND SINGH, 14th Rawat of Amet, succeeded by adoption from Jilola to the estate by selection of the Darbar, married Rani Heer Kanwar, born 24th April 1920, daughter of Rao Saheb Lal Singhji II of Parsoli, and his wife, Rani Prem Kanwar, and had issue.
    • Rawat Prabhu Prakar Singh (qv)
  • Rawat PRABHU PRAKAR SINGH, 15th Rawat of Amet (see above)

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