Askote (Zamindari)

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StateUttar Pradesh (now Uttaranchal)
Area1,036 km²
Population5,879 (1881)
Hindi Nameआसकोट
Also known asAskot
Last Updated11th May, 2020

Present Head

Rajwar BHANURAJ SINGH PAL, Rajwar of Askote since November 2000, married to Rani Neelam Pal Devi, born 23th April 1959 and has issues, one son and a daughter.

  • Rajkumari Gayatri Kumari, born 17th November 1988, married on 18th November 2010 in Jaipur to Yuvraj Sahib Maharajkumar Shivraj Singhji, son of His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singhji II of Jodhpur and his wife Her Highness Maharani Hemlata Rajye and has issue, one daughter and a son (see Jodhpur).
  • Tikka Mahiraj Singh Pal, born 22th September 1993.

Short History

The Rajwar of Askot represents the eldest line of the old Katyuri Rajas, who held sway over Kumaon before the advent of the Chands.

The Katyuri dynasty was of Kuninda origin and was founded by Vashudev Katyuri. Originally, from Joshimath, during their reign they dominated lands of varying extent from the ‘Katyur’ (modern day Baijnath) valley in Kumaon, between the 7th and 11th centuries AD, and established their capital at Baijnath in Bageshwar district; which was then known as Kartikeyapura and lies in the centre of ‘Katyur’ valley. At its peak, the Katyuri kingdom extended from Nepal in the east to Kabul, Afghanistan in the west, before fragmenting into numerous principalities by the 12th century. They were displaced by the Chand Kings in the 11th century AD. Askote was founded in the 13th century by a branch of the Katyuri Kings. Became a part of British India by the treaty of Singhauli in 1816.

The ancient title of Rajwar has always been borne by the head of the family, and has been at all times recognized by the British Government.


  • Emperor Brahm Deo of the Katyuri Kings, married and had issue.
    • generation
      • Rajwar Abhay Pal Deo, founder of Askote (continued below)
      • Raika Niranjan Malla Deo, founder of Dhoti in Nepal.
      • Rulers of Baijnath-Katyuri
      • Rulers of Dwarahat
      • Rulers of Baramandal
      • Rulers of Sira
      • Rulers of Sora
      • Rulers of Sui (Kali kumaon)
  • Rajwar ABHAY PAL DEO 1279/-, he adopted the surname of Pal; married and had issue.
    • Rajwar Nirbhay Pal (qv)
    • Kunwar Alakh Deo, he led an army into the plains of north-eastern Uttar Pradesh, and established his capital in Mahuli in 1305; married and had issue (see Mahson).
    • Kunwar Tilak Deo
  • Rajwar NIRBHAY PAL
  • Rajwar BHARAT PAL
  • Rajwar BHAIRON PAL
  • Rajwar BHU PAL
  • Rajwar RATAN PAL
  • Rajwar SHANKHA PAL
  • Rajwar SHYAM PAL
  • Rajwar SAI PAL
  • Rajwar SURJAN PAL
  • Rajwar BHOJ PAL
  • Rajwar BHARAT PAL
  • Rajwar STUTI PAL
  • Rajwar ACHHAV PAL
  • Rajwar TRILOK PAL
  • Rajwar SURYA PAL
  • Rajwar JAGAT PAL
  • Rajwar PRAJA PAL
  • Rajwar RAI PAL -/1588, died 1588.
  • Rajwar MAHENDRA PAL 1588/-, born 1588,
  • Rajwar JAIT PAL
  • Rajwar BIRBAL PAL
  • Rajwar AMAR PAL
  • Rajwar ABHAY PAL
  • Rajwar UCHHAB PAL, Rajwar of Askote 1742/-, married three wives by whom he had six sons.
    • Rajwar Bijay Pal (eldest son) (qv)
    • Rajkumar Rudra Pal, married and had issue. He died after 1811.
      • Kunwar Mokam Singh
      • Kunwar Prithwi Singh
      • Kunwar Sarbjit Singh, their descendants subsequently moved to the villages of Muani and Rawalkhet, where they still live.
  • Rajwar BIJAY PAL, Rajwar of Askote, married and had issue.
    • Rajwar Mahendra Pal (qv)
  • Rajwar MAHENDRA PAL, Rajwar of Askote, married and had issue. He died after 1811.
    • Rajwar Bahadur Pal (qv)
    • Kunwar Cheem Singh, he lived in Askote at a place called Badghar.
    • Kunwar Tej Singh
    • Kunwar Lakshman Singh
    • Kunwar Himmat Singh, the other sons moved to the villages of Bagrihart and Bhelia, where their descendants continue to live.
  • Rajwar BAHADUR PAL, Rajwar of Askote -/1871, married and had issue. He died 1871.
    • Rajwar Pushkar Pal (qv)
  • Rajwar PUSHKAR PAL, Rajwar of Askote 1871/-, born 1843, Honorary Magistrate (but in 1895 he resigned the post on account of ill-health, and at the same time made over the management of the estate to his son, Gajendra Pal Singh), married and had issue. He died 1
    • Rajwar Gajendra Pal (qv)
  • Rajwar GAJENDRA PAL, Rajwar of Askote 1903/1929, born 1857, married and had issue. He died 1929.
    • Kunwar Bhupendra Pal, died sp in 1924.
    • Rajwar Bikram Bahadur Pal (qv)
    • Kunwar Jung Bahadur Pal
    • Kunwar Mandhata Pal, married and had issue.
      • Sri Rani Bindu Devi, married General Sri Arjun Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal.
    • Kunwar Ram Bahadur Pal
    • Kunwar Jeet Bahadur Pal
  • Rajwar BIKRAM BAHADUR PAL, Rajwar of Askote 1929/1939, married Rani Tribhuwaneswari Devi, daughter of the Shri Prabhu Jung Bahadur Singh of Bajhang in Western Nepal, and had issue. He died 1939.
    • Rajwar Tikendra Bahadur Pal (qv)
    • Kunwar Hariraj Singh Pal
    • Kunwar Chitravan Singh Pal
  • Rajwar TIKENDRA BAHADUR PAL, Rajwar of Askote 1939/2000, married a daughter of HH Maharaja Chandraveer Singhji of Banswara, and had issue. He died N ovember 2000.
    • Rajwar Bhanuraj Singh Pal (qv)
  • Rajwar BHANURAJ SINGH PAL (see above)

Other Members

  • Rani Narendar Kanwar, married (as his second wife), Rao Bahadur Thakur Shivnath Singhji of Bera, and had issue.
  • Unknown, married and had issue.
    • Kunwar Kharak Singh Pal
    • Rani Rani Yashoda Devi, married Shri Bir Jung Shah of Nepal, and had issue.
      • Kanwarani Sushila Devi, born 1910, married Kanwar Shankar Singh of Koti, and had issue.

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