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Badchhapara (Thikana)

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Accession23rd Oct 1948
Revenue₹ 5000
Hindi Nameबड़छापरा
Last Updated30th Sep, 2020

Present Head/Ruler

Mahendra Singh Ji, present head of Badchhapara.

  • Kunwar Chandrabhan Singh Ji
  • Kunwar Abhayraj Singh Ji

Short History

Rathore Rajput is the Jagirdar Ratan Singhot branch of Badhachapra under Ratlam state. Hindusinhji, the sixth son of Deepsinghji, the third son of Ratlam Maharaja Shri Mansinghji (1716 – 43 AD), was conquered by Ratlam Maharaja Shri Balwant Singh Ji (1825 – 57 AD) in the year 1887 (AD 1830). This place used to come under the second Category.

Hindusinh lived in the service of Ratlam Maharaja only before he could not get Jagiri. It is popular that when Ratlam Maharaja Shri Parvat Singh ji (1800 – 25 AD) sent Hindusinhji to Ujjain for some work. The ruler of Ujjain attacked Hindusinh as Girisiya. Five people were killed in this attack. Holkar’s two chieftains were also killed and Hindusinhji also suffered 13 wounds. When came to know that Hindusinhji is Ratlam’s brother and came here for some reason. Then Hakim apologized to Hindusinh knowing that he had made a mistake in the unknown. Hindusinhji stayed there for 16 months due to excessive wounds. After that, after reform, Hindusinhji came to Ratlam. Then Ratlam Maharaja Shri Balwant Singh ji pleased and gave Rampura village in V.1873 (AD 1816). After Hindusinh Ji, Mohabbat Singh Ji, Joravarsingh Ji, Nawal Singh Ji, Govardhan Singh Ji, Jaswant Singh Ji sat on the throne of Badchhapra.

According to Ratlam State Gazetteer, the area of ​​this place Badchapura was 1.79 sq.m. The population of this hideout was 59 in 1901. The annual income of this hideout was then Rs. 2016 and pie (202 – 9.6) in the form of stitches was to be paid as British coin.


  • Maharaja Shri Hindu Singh Ji
    • Mohbbat Singh Ji
    • Vaktawar Singh Ji
      • Joravar Singh Ji (qv)
    • Sangram Singh Ji
      • Bhuvan Singh Ji
        • Nawal Singh Ji (qv)
        • Jagnath Singh Ji
      • Bane Singh Ji
    • Sultan Singh Ji
      • Shear Singh Ji
      • Durjan Singh Ji
      • Takhat Singh Ji
        • Bhom Singh Ji
          • Gordhan Singh Ji (qv)
          • Jaswant Singh Ji(qv)
          • Maharaj Shri Mohan Singh Ji, born on 6th July 1906, he was only 3 years old when his parents died , then the three brothers Maharaja Shri Govardhan Singh Ji, Maharaj Shri Jaswant Singh Ji, and Maharaja Shri Mohan Singh Ji were brought up by Ratlam Maharaja Shri Sajjan Singh Ji in his care. Both brothers were sent back to the hideout and he kept Mohan Singh ji with him.
            • Baisa Chandra Kumari, born on 3rd February 1947, married to Bhanwar Jitendra Singh Ji Sisodia, second son of Kunwar Shahab Shri Kishore Singh Ji Sisodia, former MLA of Thikana Nimbod.
            • Baisa Tej Kumari, born 7th June 1949, married to Bhanwar Surendra Singh Ji Sisodia, third son of Kunwar Shahab Shri Kishore Singh Ji Sisodia, former MLA of Thikana Nimbod.
            • Baisa Jagdesh Kumari, born 11th September 1953, married to Maharaja Shri Preamdayal Singh Ji Ranawat of Thikana Bardia.
            • Vikram Singh Ji, born on 24th December 1958, he remained very close to Ratlam Maharaja Shri Lokendra Singh Ji and Maharani Sahab and spent his childhood in Ratlam Palace. Ratlam Maharaja Shri Lokendra Singh Ji had no son and he thought of adopting Vikram Singh Ji but could now because of some unforeseen reason. Vikram Singh Ji was married on 8th February 1984 to Smt. Rajkunwar Ji, daughter of Thakur Sri Shambhusinh Ji Sisodia of Thikana Baloda and had issues, one daughter and 2 sons.
              • Dhiraj Kumari, born on 17th December 1985.
              • Kunwar Shakti Singh, born on 26th August 1987.
              • Kunwar kirtiraj Singh, born on 24th February 1991.
            • Shivraj Singh Ji, born 21st November 1966, married on 23rd November 1991 to Smt. Vishnukunwar, daughter of KunwarSahib Shri Daulat Singh Ji Sarangadevot of Thikana Karsana (Mewar) and had issues, 1 son and a daughter.
              • Kunwar Digvijay Singh Ji, born 30th March 1993, unmarried.
              • Kusum Kumari, unmarried.
        • Bhur Singh Ji
        • Kushal Singh Ji
    • Bhagwan Singh Ji
      • Pahad Singh Ji
        • Abhay Singh Ji
          • Lakshman Singh Ji
          • Jaswant Singh ji
          • Balbahadur Singh Ji
        • Onkar Singh Ji
        • Sobhal Singh Ji
          • Gokul Singh Ji
        • Amar Singh Ji
      • Kishor Singh Ji
      • Chean Singh Ji
      • Hari Singh Ji
      • Samant Singh Ji
  • Mohbbat Singh Ji
  • Joravar Singh Ji
  • Nawal Singh Ji
    • Baisa Phulkunwar Kumari, married to Thakur Sahab Shri Sajjan Singh Ji of Thikana Gudda Jagir (Chittorgarh).
      • Ramsingh ji
      • Lakshman Singh ji
      • Shankar Singh ji
      • Baisa Pream Kanwar
      • Baisa mitthu Kanwar, married in Kantharia.
    • Baisa Vishnu Kumari, (Maaji Saheb Jodhpuriji) married to Maharaj Shri Jaswant Singh Ji Ranawat of Thikana Amla (Jagir) and has issues, 2 sons (see Amla).
    • Baisa Govind Kanwar Ji, married to Thakur Saheb Shri Sajjan Singh Ji of Thikana Delwa (Bhilwada).
  • Jaswant Singh Ji [1944-1960]
    • Gajraj Singh Ji (qv)
    • Balwant Singh Ji
  • Gajraj Singh Ji
    • Mahendra Singh Ji (qv)
    • Ghanshyam Singh Ji
  • Mahendra Singh Ji (see above)

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