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Bajekan & Dhingsara (Thikana)

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LocationHaryana (Fatehabad District.)
Hindi Nameबाजेकां ढींगसरा


  • Rao CHAMPAJI, 1st Thakur Sahib of Kaparda 1416/1466; brother of Rao JODHA, founder of Jodhpur.
  • Rao BHAIRODASJI of Kaparda 1466/1520
  • Rao JAISAJI of Kaparda and Ransingaon
  • Rao MANDANJI of Ransingaon
  • Rao GOPAL DASJI of Ransingaon, died 1606.
  • Rao BALLUJI of Harsola
  • Rao DUDAJI of Balotra (1664)
  • Thakur JASWANT SINGH of Singari (1672) and Dhandiyan (1708)
  • Thakur GUMAN SINGH of Singari
  • Thakur SAYAB SINGH
  • Thakur CHAIN SINGH
  • Thakur RAJ SINGH
  • Thakur Nahar Singh, Thakur Saheb of Bajekan-Dhingsara, he was granted the thikana of Bajekan-Dhingsara in around 1886, married and had issue.
    • Thakur Surat Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Takhat Singh
      • Thakur Agar Singh
        • Thakur Sadhu Singh
          • Thakur Mahaveer Singh
            • Thakur Ghanshyam Singh
              • Kunwar Prabhakar Singh
              • Kunwar Yuduraj Singh
            • Thakur Kushal Singh
              • Kunwar Devender Singh
              • Kunwar Shailender Singh
            • Thakur Lokman Singh
            • Thakur Sangram Singh
              • Kunwar Shivraj Singh
              • Kunwar Vikrant Singh
        • Thakur Daulat Singh married at Ghudla
      • Thakur Nandlal Singh
        • Thakur Kishan Singh
        • Thakur Hari Singh
          • Thakur Nihal Singh
            • Kunwar Raghuraj Singh
          • Thakur Rawat Singh
            • Kunwar Ravinder Singh
              • Kunwar Narender Singh
              • Kunwar Pushpender Singh
            • Kunwar Lokender Singh
            • Kunwar Nagender Singh
          • Thakur Hanuwant Singh
            • Kunwar Dushyant Singh
            • Kunwar Hameer Singh
    • Thakur Prithvi Singh
      • Thakur Ganpat Singh
        • Thakur Madho Singh
          • Thakur Roop Singh
            • Thakur Yatinder Singh
            • Thakur Yoginder Singh
              • Kunwar Rudraveer Singh
              • Kunwar AmetVikram Singh
          • Thakur Jangjeet Singh
            • Thakur Virender Singh
            • Thakur Diwaker Singh
              • Kunwar LakshyaRaj Singh
            • Thakur Karan Singh
          • Thakur Narendra Singh
            • Kunwar Anirudh Singh
              • Bhanwar Kirti Singh
            • Kunwar Ashwini Singh
      • Thakur Bane Singh
        • Thakur Bijey Singh
          • Thakur Umed Singh
          • Thakur Bhim Singh
            • Kunwar Bhooraj Singh
              • Br. Chanderveer Singh
            • Kunwar Yograj Singh
              • Br. Manvendra Singh
            • Kunwar Nitiraj Singh
              • Br. Lokvardhan Singh
          • Thakur Chagan Singh
            • Kunwar Gajendra Singh
              • Br. Kartik Singh
            • Kunwar Bhupat Singh
              • Br. Harshit Singh
            • Kunwar Tribhuwan Singh married at Kali Pahari
          • Thakur Tej Singh
            • Kunwar Dependra Singh
              • Br. Shantanu Singh
            • Kunwar Shailender Singh
            • Kunwar Kuldeep Singh
        • Thakur Bahadur Singh
          • Thakur Dharmender Singh
            • Kunwar Abhimanyu Singh
              • Br. Kushmanyu Singh
          • Thakur Yudhishter Singh
            • Kunwar Harendra Singh
          • Thakur Bhupendra Singh
            • Kunwar Vikramdev Singh
        • Thakur Sumer Singh
          • Kunwar Kamal Singh
            • Bhanwar Dhruv Singh
          • Kunwar Devraj Singh
            • Bhanwar Rahul Singh
  • Thakur Surat Singh
    • Thakur Hamir Singh (qv)
    • Risaldar Major Thakur Chander Singh, born in 1870, educated as Aitchison College, Lahore; Commissioned in 5th Bengal Cavalry on 1st Sept 1892 as Jemadar. Married Phool Kanwar of Satnali in 1893 and had issues. He was awarded “India Medal” (Indian General Service Medal) three times; 1st for serving at North-western frontier in 1895, 2nd for his service in Tirah Campaign (1897) and 3rd for his service in Mahsud Blockade in Waziristan (1901-02). On 19th Jan 1902 he was promoted to Ressaidar and later on 19th May 1908 promoted to Risaldar rank. At the outbreak of World War in 1914 he served at Western front (France and Belgium) in the Battle of Verdun and Somne (1916). On 1st May 1915 he got promoted to Risaldar Major. In 1917 returned back to India and again served at North Western frontier. He finally retired on 1st Jan 1919. For his faithful service of 27 years, he was awarded with “Indian Distinguished Service Medal” and was made Honorary Captain.
      • Thakur Ganga Singh
        • Thakur Ajit Singh
          • Thakur Kumer Singh
            • Kunwar Rajveer Singh
              • Aditya Singh, died young.
              • Pradyuman Singh
          • Thakur Sardar Singh
            • Kunwar Jaiveer Singh
              • Baisa Ayushi Singh
          • Thakur Mahendra Singh
            • Baisa Rachna Singh
            • Baisa Manjula Singh
            • Baisa Shubhangini Singh
          • Thakur Sajjan Singh
            • Kunwar Yashveer Singh
              • Bhanwar Digvijay Singh
            • Kunwar Yogveer Singh
              • Baisa Niharika Singh
            • Kunwar Vikram Singh
          • Thakur Uday Singh
            • Kunwar Sanjay Singh
      • Thakur Mohan Singh
        • Thakur Bhopal Singh
          • Thakur Dashrath Singh
            • Kunwar Raghuraj Singh
          • Thakur Jitender Singh
            • Kunwar Rishiraj Singh
            • Kunwar Shrishte Singh
        • Thakur Inder Singh
          • Thakur Bhaginder Singh
            • Kunwar Dhirendra Singh
          • Thakur Rajender Singh
            • Kunwar Parminder Singh
          • Thakur Dilbagh Singh
            • Kunwar Pushpender Singh
          • Thakur Jaswant Singh
            • Kunwar Raghvendra Singh
      • Thakur Barisal Singh
        • Thakur Sawai Singh
          • Thakur Dharmender Singh
            • Kunwar Jaideep Singh
          • Thakur Ravinder Singh
            • Kunwar Rahul Singh
            • Kunwar Abhimanyu Singh
        • Thakur Shivram Singh
          • Kunwar Rajan Singh
            • Br. Yashraj Singh
        • Thakur Ranbir Singh
        • Thakur Randhir Singh
          • Kunwar Praveen Singh
          • Kunwar Lokendra Singh
    • Thakur Gopal Singh
      • Thakur Jivraj Singh
        • Thakur Amar Singh
      • Thakur Jagat Singh
        • Thakur Prem Singh
          • Kunwar Devender Singh
            • Bhanwar Keshavraj Singh
        • Thakur Narender Singh
          • Kunwar Virendra Singh
            • Bhanwar Suryajay Singh
        • Thakur Surender Singh
          • Kunwar Bhanu Pratap Singh
    • Thakur Govind Singh
      • Thakur Jagmal Singh
        • Thakur Kalyan Singh
          • Thakur Bharat Singh
            • Kunwar Deepak Singh
            • Kunwar Bhawani Singh
          • Thakur Arun Singh
            • Kunwar Hemant Singh
            • Kunwar Pradyuman Singh
          • Thakur Anil Singh
            • Kunwar Aditya Singh
          • Thakur Manoj Singh
      • Thakur Lakshman Singh
        • Thakur Sher Singh
          • Kunwar Pradeep Singh
            • Bhanwar Shiv Singh
          • Kunwar Pramod Singh
        • Thakur Dalip Singh
          • Thakur Ashok Singh
            • Kunwar Aditya Singh
          • Thakur Lokender Singh
        • Thakur Vikram Singh
          • Kunwar Ravinder Singh
          • Kunwar Tribhuan Singh
      • Thakur Fateh Singh
        • Thakur Ranbir Singh
          • Kunwar Yashveer Singh
          • Kunwar Jasveer Singh
          • Kunwar Rajveer Singh
        • Thakur Randhir Singh
          • Kunwar Kapil Singh
          • Kunwar Bhupender Singh
      • Thakur Jaimal Singh
        • Thakur Maan Singh
          • Thakur Bhawani Singh
            • Kunwar Pratham Singh
          • Thakur Bhawani Singh
            • Kunwar Pushpendra Singh
        • Thakur Tej Singh
          • Kunwar Jogender Singh
            • Bhanwar Yashveer Singh
          • Kunwar Revinder Singh
            • Bhanwar Dushyant Singh
        • Thakur Karni Singh
          • Kunwar Richpal Singh
        • Thakur Shakti Singh
          • Kunwar Dharamveer Singh
        • Thakur Bheem Singh
          • Kunwar Bhaginder Singh
        • Thakur Jitender Singh
        • Thakur Bhupender Singh
  • Thakur Hamir Singh
    • Thakur Jawahar Singh (qv)
    • Risaldar Major Th. Bal Singh
      • Thakur Ajit Singh
      • Thakur Dalip Singh
      • Thakur Madan Singh
      • Thakur Girver Singh
      • Thakur Shyam Singh
      • Thakur Raghuveer Singh
    • Thakur Kesari Singh
  • Thakur Jawahar Singh
    • Thakur Abhay Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Rai Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Abhay Singh, no issues.
  • Thakur Rai Singh
    • Th. Ashwapat Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Kuldeep Singh, no issues.
    • Baisa Sunita Kanwar, married to Ranvir Singh Chundawat of Lasani and has issues, two sons.
      • Dushyant Singh Chundawat, married to Baisa Bhanu Shekhawat of Parshurampura.
      • Karanveer Singh Chundawat
    • Baisa Desh Kanwar, married to Jaideep Singh Jadon of Palpur (M.P) and has issue, one son.
      • Himanshu Raj Singh Jadon
    • Baisa Sansar Kanwar, married to Devendra Singh Shekhawat of Dabri (Dheer Singh) and has issue, one son.
      • Laksyaraj Singh Shekhawat
  • Thakur ASHWAPAT SINGH, born 5th December 1950, died 4th December 2014, was an active member and past District Governor of Rotary Club Sirsa, married 5th September 1977 in Jaipur, Thakurani Nisha Kanwar, daughter of the late. Brig. Hari Singh Deora A.V.S.M of Galthani, and his wife, Thakurani Shyama Kumari of Kankarwa, she is a past District Chairman of Inerwheel Club Sirsa and past Haryana Pradesh Mahila Congress State Secretary, and has issue.
    • Kunwar Akshaynidhi Rathore, born 25th Nov 1978, educated at B.R.C.M Public School, Bahal (Higher Secondary Degree), and at D.A.V College Chandigarh (B.A.), married Kunwarani Ritwija Chauhan, daughter of the late Dr. Ranjeet Singh Chauhan of Kotharia, and has issues, three daughters and a son.
      • Anandini Rathore, born 13th Oct 2004.
      • Anurati Rathore, born 24th July 2011.
    • Kunwar Abhinay Rathore, educated at B.R.C.M Public School, Bahal (Higher Secondary Degree), at Maharana Pratap College of Technology, Gwalior (Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science), and at the University of Missouri-Rolla, U.S.A (Masters Degree in Computer Science), presently working in the U.S.A. with Facebook/WhatsApp; married on 29th March 2008 to Kunwarani Pragati Shekhawat, daughter of Thakur Hari Dayal Singh Shekhawat of Khayali, and has issue, one son.
      • Aryaman Rathore

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