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Bakrol (Princely State)

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AgencyGujarat States Agency
Hindi Nameबकरोल
Last Updated6th Jan, 2021

Present Head/Ruler

Thakur Sa Jagat Sinhji Karan Sinhji Gohil, 15th Thakur Saheb of Bakrol married Twice and have two wives, first from Thikana Kerwasa in Ratlam District and second in Waghpur in Sabarkantha and has issues.

  • Yuvraj Mahendra Sinhji Jagat Sinhji
  • Kumar Shri Prithviraj Sinhji
  • Kumar Shri Hari Sinhji

Short History

The family of bakrol estate migrated from Ghogha ancestor of Thakur Sejakj, Thakur of Ghogha (Bhavnagar) in the year 1250 & before they migrated from Khergadh in Rajasthan and established their Gaddi at Umrala, Lathi, Palitana, Rajpipala, Sarod & then Bakrol in Panchmahal.


  • Thakur Vihalji Rudji, had established Bakrol State on the Bank of Karang River. There he built Harsiddhi Maa Temple. He also fought with Mohammad Begda with his 200 soldiers, when he was approaching towards Pawagadh.
  • Thakur Karam Sinhji Vihalji
  • Thakur Jujhar Sinhji Karam Sinhji
  • Thakur Ram Sinhji Jujhar Sinhji, fought with Koli Parmar of Boria Village and after defeating them he adjoined Boria with Bakrol and named the place Boria-Bakrol and also established Gaddi over there.
  • Thakur Maav Sinhji Ram Sinhji
  • Thakur Laal Sinhji Maav Sinhji
  • Thakur Pahad Sinhji Laal Sinhji
    • Thakur Umeed Sinhji Pahad Sinhji (qv)
    • Thakur Jasaji Pahad Sinhji (qv)
  • Thakur Umeed Sinhji Pahad Sinhji
  • Thakur Jasaji Pahad Sinhji
    • Thakur Adey Sinhji Jasaji (qv)
    • Thakur Vajey Sinhji Jasaji (qv)
  • Thakur Adey Sinhji Jasaji, no issue
  • Thakur Vajey Sinhji Jasaji
  • Thakur Naranji Vajey Sinhji
  • Thakur Abhay Sinhji Naranji
  • Thakur Ram Sinhiji Abhay Sinhji
  • Thakur Himmat Sinhji Ram Sinhji
    • Thakur Karan Sinhji Himmat Sinhji
    • Thakur Natwar Sinhji Himmat Sinhji, married Roop Kumari of Barli in Rajasthan, had 3 sons.
      • Thakur Baldev Sinhji Natwar Sinhji
      • Thakur Dharmendra Sinhji Natwar Sinhji, married with Shashi Kumari, daughter of Thakur Madam Singhji Panwar of Thikana Bhensola.
      • Thakur Mahendra Sinhji Natwar Sinhji
        • Thakur Virendra Singhji Mahendra Singhji, married Jayeshwari Kumari, daughter of Thakur Sahebdevendra Singhji Dharmendra Singhji Chauhan of Ambliara and have issue.
          • Devaaraditya Sinhji Virendra Sinhji Gohil, born 23rd Sept, 2010.
          • Baijilal Kumari Aksheiniraje Virendra Singhji Gohil, born 6th August 2015 at Lara Hospital Godhra.
  • Thakur Karan Sinhji Himmat Sinhji
  • Thakur Sa Jagat Sinhji Karan Sinhji Gohil (see above)

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