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Bangahal (Princely State)

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Hindi Nameबंगाहल
Also Known asBhangal
Last Updated25th Jan, 2016

Short History

The early history of the state is unknown as all records seem to have perished. Based on the succession of rulers, the state may have come into existence around 1200AD, though it could have been in existence much earlier. Prior to this, the area was under the rule of Petty chiefs, called Ranas and Thakurs as was the case in Kullu, Mandi and Kangra. Bangahal state lost much territories in invasions by Mandi and Kullu a number of times between 1240 and 1637, but the greatest loss occurred in the reign of Raja Prithvi Pal around 1720.


  • Raja PRITHVI PAL, Raja of Bangahal 1709/1720, born 1686, during his reign his father-in-law sought to annex the state by treachery, the Raja was invited to Damdama Palace in Mandi and after a short time he was murdered, his body was burnt, but his head was cut off and buried in front of the Palace; Raja Sidhi Sen then invaded Bangahal, but the Rajmata sought the help of Raja Man Singh of Kullu who drove back the invading Mandi forces, and annexed a large portion of the state to Kullu; he married in 1706 (amongst others), a daughter of Raja Sidhi Sen of Mandi, and had issue. He died about 1720 or 1725 or 1728.
    • Raja Raghunath Pal (qv)
    • Kumari (name unknown), married Raja Man Singh of Kullu.
    • Kumari (name unknown), married the Raja of Mandi
  • Raja RAGHUNATH PAL, Raja of Bangahal 1720/1735, born 1708, he repulsed a further two invasions by Raja Sidhi Sen of Mandi; married and had issue. He died 1735.
    • Raja Dalel Pal (qv)
    • Mian Bhim Pal, born 1730, married and had issue. He died 1780.
      • Mian Dhanu Pal, born 1753, married and had issue.
        • Mian Murli Pal, born 1777, married and had issue.
          • Mian Mathru Pal (see below)
        • Mian Gahru Pal, born 1779, married and had issue.
          • Mian Cheta Pal, married and had issue. He died 1878.
            • Mian Bhirja Singh, born 1855, married and had issue.
              • Mian Kishnu Singh, born 1880, married and had issue.
              • Mian Sohnu Singh, born 1882, married and had issue.
              • Mian Lachman Singh, born 1891.
              • Mian Sukhiya Singh, born 1894, married and had issue.
            • Mian Bhag Singh, born 1863, married and had issue.
              • Mian Hari Singh, born 1894, married and had issue.
                • Kanwar Raghunath Singh, born 1925.
            • Mian Gulab Singh, born 1865, married and had issue.
            • Mian Lahnu Singh, born 1868.
            • Mian Arjan Singh, born 1871, married and had issue.
            • Mian Kanhya Singh, born 1874, married and had issue.
  • Raja DALEL PAL, Raja of Bangahal 1735/1749, born 1728, initially successful in repulsing further invasions by Mandi, but a combined attacked by Mandi, Kullu, Bilaspur, Nalagarh, Guler and Jaswan was repelled with great loss; by the time of his death, Mandi and Kullu had appropriated most of the Rajas territory, married and had issue. He died 1749.
    • Raja Man Pal (qv)
  • Raja MAN PAL, Raja of Bangahal 1749/1770 or 1771, last ruling Chief of Bangahal, born 1747, he virtually succeeded only to the Taluqs of Lanodh, Paprola and Rajjer, but the Raja of Kangra seized Lanodh and Paprola and the Raja of Guler seized Rajjer; married and had issue. He died 1770 on his way to Delhi to seek the help of the Mughal Emperor.
    • Raja Uchal Pal (qv)
    • Mian Nihal Pal, born 1769, fled with his mother to the Raja of Chamba who granted them a small jagir, he died young.
    • Kumari (name unknown), born 1770, married 1785, Raja Sansar Chand II of Kangra.
  • Raja UCHAL PAL, Raja of Bangahal 1770/1800, born 1768, he tried to recover his patrimony with the help of Raja Sansar Chand, but was unsuccessful; married and had issue, three sons and one daughter. He died 1800.
    • Raja Ram Pal (qv)
    • Raja Bahadur Pal (qv)
    • Mian Jit Pal, born 1794, married and had issue. He died 1860.
    • Kumari (name unknown), born 1796, married 1813, Mian Devi Singh of Siba, and had issue.
  • Raja RAM PAL, Raja of Bangahal 1800/1843, born 1790, died sp in 1843.
  • Raja BAHADUR PAL, Raja of Bangahal 1843/1854, born 1792, he also tried to recover his patrimony, but was unsuccessful; he died sp in 1854, whereupon the main line became extinct.
  • Mian MATHRU PAL, Raja of Bangahal and Zaildar of Bir 1854/1882; he succeeded his cousin as Head of the Bangahal family in 1854; married and had issue. He died 1882.
    • Rai Sahib Barar Pal (qv)
    • Mian Ludhar Singh, born 1860, married and had issue.
      • Mian Shyam Pal, born 1884.
    • Mian Kharak Singh, born 1863, died 1894.
  • Rai Sahib BARAR PAL, Raja of Bangahal and Zaildar of Bir 1882/1912, born 1857, married and had issue. He died 1912.
    • Mian Nand Lal Pal, born 1884, died 1901.
    • Mian Bali Pal, born 1886, died 1900.
    • Mian Rasil Pal, born 1888.
    • Rai Sahib Prithvi Pal (qv)
    • Mian Shiv Dev Pal, born 1908.
  • Rai Sahib PRITHVI PAL, Raja of Bangahal and Zaildar of Bir 1912/-, born 1905, married and had issue.
    • Rai Sahib Rajendra Pal Singh (qv)
    • Kumari Kamla Devi, married Ghanshyam Katoch and had issues.
      • Sudarshana Devi, married to Thakur Rashpal Singh and has issues.
      • Harsh Katoch, married and has issue.
      • Suman Devi, married and has issue.
      • Sulakshna Devi, married and has issue.
    • Kumari Shano Devi, married Dr. Y.S Varma and had issues.
      • Dr. Jagmohan Varma
      • Ranbir Varma
    • Kunwar Devinder Pal Singh, married Kumari Raj Rani of Nadaun and has issues.
      • Renu Pal
      • Anita Pal
      • Shalini Pal
      • Gogu Pal
    • Kumari Champa Devi, married Lt.Col. Bakshi Chand Katoch and has issues.
      • Sanjeev Katoch
      • Sangeeta Katoch
  • Rai Sahib RAJENDRA PAL SINGH, Raja of Bangahal and Zaildar of Bir; born 1926, married Rani Sharmistha Devi, daughter of Kunwar Dalip Singh Pathania of Nurpur, and had issue.
    • Col. Kunwar Jotinder Pal Singh, served with the Indian Army (retired), proprietor of The Colonels Resort in Bir, Himachal Pradesh; married Kunwarani Pratibha Pal (née Kumari Pratibha Chauhan), daughter of Colonel Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
      • Kunwar Vikramaditya Pal Singh, born 6th January 1988.
      • Kumari Vidushi, born 21st November 1990.

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