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Baria (Princely State)

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DynastyKhichi Chauhan
Gun Salutes9
Accession10th June 1948
Revenue₹ 213,375
Area2,106 km²
Population81,579 (1901)
Privy Purse ₹ 225,000
Hindi Nameबारिया
Last Updated17th Jun, 2021

Present Head/Ruler

HH Maharawal Tusharsinhji Kanaksinhji,18th Raja of Baria, born 19th April 1973, educated at boarding schools in Shimla, a District Panchayat Member, Chairman of the Panchayat Construction Committee, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Gujarat from Devgadh Baria; married Maharajkumari Ambika Kumari, born 17th January 1977, daughter of Raja Aniruddh Pal Singh of Awagarh, and his wife, Rani Anjali Devi, and has issue, two sons.

  • Kunwar Arunoday Singh, born 9th July 2002.
  • Kunwar Nirbhay Singh, born 15th December 2005.

Short History

Baria is a second-class State in the Rewa Kantha Agency. Maharawal of Baria is descended from the famous Rawal Patai, the last Chauhan ruler of Champaner, from whom also descend the Maharawal of Chhota-Udaipur.

In 1893, the Raja was allowed to maintain a military force of 38 cavalry, 250 infantry and 3 guns.


  • Raja DUNGARSINHJI I, 1st Raja of Baria, married and had issue. He lived around 1524.
    • Raja Udaisinhji Dungarsinhji (qv)
  • Raja UDAISINHJI DUNGARSINHJI, 2nd Raja of Baria, married and had issue.
    • Raja Rayasinhji Udaisinhji (qv)
  • Raja RAYASINHJI UDAISINHJI, 3rd Raja of Baria, married and had issue.
    • Raja Vijaysinhji Rayasinhji (qv)
  • Raja VIJAYSINHJI RAYASINHJI, 4th Raja of Baria, married and had issue.
    • Raja Mansinhji Vijaysinhji (qv)
  • Raja MANSINHJI VIJAYSINHJI, 5th Raja of Baria, married and had issue. He died about 1720.
    • Raja Prithvirajji Mansinhji (qv)
  • Raja PRITHVIRAJJI MANSINHJI, 6th Raja of Baria, married and had issue. He died after 1732.
    • Raja Rayadharji Prithvirajji (qv)
  • Raja RAYADHARJI PRITHVIRAJJI, 7th Raja of Baria, married and had issue.
    • Raja Gangadasji Rayadharji (qv)
  • Raja GANGADASJI I RAYADHARJI, 8th Raja of Baria, married and had isssue.
    • Raja Gambhirsinhji Gangadasji (qv)
  • Raja GAMBHIRSINHJI GANGADASJI, 9th Raja of Baria, married and had issue.
    • Raja Dhiratsinhji Gambhirsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Sahebsinhji Gambhirsinhji, married and had issue.
      • Raja Jashwantsinhji Sahebsinhji (qv)
  • Raja DHIRATSINHJI GAMBHIRSINHJI, 10th Raja of Baria.
  • Raja JASHWANTSINHJI SAHEBSINHJI, 11th Raja of Baria, married and had issue. He lived around 1803.
    • Raja Gangadasji II Jashwantsinhji (qv)
  • Raja GANGADASJI II JASHWANTSINHJI, 12th Raja of Baria -/1819, married and had issue. He died August 1819.
    • Raja Bhimsinhji Gangadasji (qv)
    • Raja Prithvirajji Gangadasji (qv)
  • Raja BHIMSINHJI GANGADASJI, 13th Raja of Baria 1819/1820
  • Raja PRITHVIRAJJI GANGADASJI, 14th Raja of Baria 1820/1864, married and had issue. He died 1864.
    • HH Maharawal Shri Mansinhji II Prithvirajji (qv)
  • HH Maharawal Shri MANSINHJI II PRITHVIRAJJI, 15th Raja of Baria 1864/1908, born 4th October 1855, succeeded 5th March 1864, educated at Ahmedabad Talukdari School and at Rajkumar College, Rajkot, married 1873, HH Maharani Chandra Kunverba Sahiba, daughter of Maharana Vairisalji Naharsinhji of Rajpipla, and had issue. He died 25th February 1908.
    • Lt.-Col. HH Maharawal Sir Shri Ranjitsinhji Mansinhji (qv)
    • Maharaj Naharsinhji Mansinhji, married Rani Drupad Kunverba Sahiba, died 1980, daughter of Maharana Shri Gambhirsinhji Vairisalji of Rajpipla, and had issue.
      • Maharaj Prithisinhji Naharsinhji, married twice and had issues.
        • Rajkumari Niranjana Devi (from 1st wife), born 14th November 1929, married (as his second wife), Rao Harendra Singhji, 18th Rao of Kushalgarh, born 11th May 1924, died 21st February 1967, and has issue.
        • Maharaj Digvijaysinhji Prithisinhji (from 1st wife)
        • Vandana Gaekwad (from 1st wife)
        • Maharaj Virvijaysinhji Prithisinhji (from 1st wife), married and had issue.
          • Rajkumari Preeti Singh, married Rawal Raja Raghvendra Singh of Samode, and has issue, a son and a daughter.
        • Air Cmde Pritam Singh (retd.) (from 2nd wife), married and has issues, one son and a daughter.
          • Shayne Prithi Singh
        • Rio Singh (from 2nd wife)
          • Viraj Singh
    • HH Maharani Suraj Kunverb Sahiba, married HH Maharaja Shri Sir Lakhdirji Waghji Bahadur of Morvi, and had issue.
    • HH Maharani Dev Kunverba Sahiba, married 1893 (as his first wife), HH Maharaja Rao Bhavsinhji II Takhatsinghji of Bhavnagar, and had issue.
  • Lt.-Col. HH Maharawal Sir Shri RANJITSINHJI MANSINHJI, 16th Raja of Baria 1908/1949, born 10th July 1886, K.C.S.I. [cr.1.1.1922], served in France and Flanders during WWI and on the N.W. Frontier during the Afghan War 1919, married 1stly, HH Maharani Takhat Kunverba Sahiba, died 1916, daughter of HH Maharana Shri Sir Chhatrasinhji Gambhirsinhji of Rajpipla, married 2ndly, HH Maharani Dilhar Kunverba Sahiba, daughter of Maharana Shri Gambhirsinhji Vairisalji of Rajpipla, and had issue. He died 7th September 1949.
    • Yuvaraj Sobhagsinhji Ranjitsinhji (by Maharani Takhat Kunverba), married Yuvarani Bibhasprabha Devi, daughter of HH Maharaja Birendra Kishore Dev Varman Manikya Bahadur of Tripura, and had issue. He died January 1934.
      • HH Maharawal Jaideepsinhji Sobhagsinhji (qv)
      • Maharaj Pradeepsinhji Sobhagsinhji, married and had issue.
        • Maharaj Jitendrasinhji Pradeepsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1980), married and has issue, two sons.
          • Rajkumar Varun Singh Chauhan
          • Rajkumar Aditya Singh Chauhan
        • Maharaj Udayendrasinhji Pradeepsinhji
    • Maharaj Shri Hirasinhji Ranjitsinhji (by Maharani Dilhar Kunverba), married Rani Ranjana Devi of Rajpipla, and had issue.
      • Rajkumar Prithviraj Singh, died 1985.
      • Rajkumari Geeta Devi, married Dr. Uday Saraiya.
    • Kunwari Sahiba Rajendra Kunwar Ba, engaged 19th July 1915, to Yuvraj Fateh Singh of Alirajpur.
  • HH Maharawal JAIDEEPSINHJI SOBHAGSINHJI, 17th Raja of Baria 1949/1987, born 1929, Member of the 8th Lok Sabha, a renowned polo player, married 27th May 1948, HH Maharani Prem Kumari, daughter of HH Saramad-i-Rajahai Hindustan Raj Rajendra Shri Maharajadhiraj Sir Sawai Man Singhji II Bahadur of Jaipur, and his first wife, HH Maharani Marudhar Kunwar, and had issue. He died 1987?
    • Maharajkumari Urvashi Devi [Princess Bambi], born 22nd July 1949 in Devgadh-Baria, Dahod; B.A. (Hons.), Member of the 8th Gujarat Legislative Assembly, married Rajkumar Kanak Singh of Dumraon, and has issue, one son.
      • Rajkumar Tushar Singh (qv)
  • HH Maharawal Tusharsinhji Kanaksinhji, 18th Raja of Baria (see above)

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