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Bassi (Jagir)

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Hindi Nameबस्सी
Last Updated15th Feb, 2019

Present Head/Ruler

Thakur Devendra Singh, present Thakur Saheb of Bassi, married to Prem Kanwar of Thikana Jamgod Madhya Pradesh daughter of Thakur Madan Singh Chauhan and has issue one daughter and four son.

  • Kunwarani Laxmi kanwar, married Ashwini Singh Naruka of Lawa, son of Maharaja Vansh Pradeep Singh and has issues, one daughter and a son.
    • Lakhpat Singh, married in Khanpur.
    • Ragini Singh, married in Ganthiya.
  • Kunwar Lokendra Singh, married to Alka Kanwar in Gumina, Haryana, daughter of Thakur Randhir Singh Chauhan and has issues, two sons.
    • Bhanwar Khushal Singh, born in 1995, studied at Mayoor School Ajmer and holds a degree in tourism Management from Chandigarh University.
    • Bhanwar Lakshyaraj Singh, born in 2000, currently studying in Mayo College, Ajmer.
  • Kunwar Brijendra Singh, married to Prabhat Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Mohan Singh Solanki of Luhari Thikana in Madhya Pradesh and has issues, one son and a daughter.
    • Bhanwar Pradhyuman Singh, born in 1997, studied from Mayoor School, Ajmer, holds a degree of Hotel management from IHM Mumbai and currently pursuing his Master’s degree from Canada.
    • Baisa Harshita Rathore, born in 1999, currently studying in ICG College Jaipur.
  • Kunwar Mahendrapal Singh, married to Nirmal Kanwar, daughter of Maharaja Prehlad Singh Hada of Thikana Amli (Tonk) and has issues, two sons.
    • Bhanwar Tejpal Singh, born in 1997, studied in Mayoor School Ajmer, did his engineering from Tolani Maritime institute Pune, currently working in a global Merchant Navy company.
    • Bhanwar Bhawani Singh, born in 1998, studied in Mayoor School Ajmer and did his bachelors degree in Bcom from Manipal University.
  • Kunwar Shivendra Singh, married to Rupendra Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Bhagirath Singh Rajawat of Thikana Hamirpur (Tonk) and has issues, one daughter and a son.
    • Baisa Bhanushree Rathore, born in 2001, currently studying in St Marys Convent.
    • Bhanwar Krishanpal Singh, born in 2004, currently studying in St Stephen School.

Short History

Thakur Kishan Singh was the 9th son of Rao Chanda of Balunda. Thakur Kishan Singh’s son, Thakur Dwarkadas, was given Bassi jagir by his father in 1681. Thakur Dwarkadas gave forty thousand and took 12 jagirs under his jagir.


  • Thakur Dwarkadas Ji, he had five sons from four wives.
    • Kunwar Udaibhan Singh, he was adopted by Thakur Sundar Das Singh of Kanwlai.
    • Kunwar Bisandas Singh, he was give the Bassi jagir. (qv)
    • Kunwar Soor Singh
    • Kunwar Shobhkaran Singh
    • Kunwar Sanwaldas Singh
  • Thakur Bisandas Singh
    • Kunwar Iswardas Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Bhagwandas Singh
    • Kunwar Jasroop Singh
    • Kunwar Fateh Singh
  • Thakur Ishwardas Singh
  • Thakur Devi Singh
  • Thakur Mohan Singh
    • Kunwar Mohbat Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Jalam Singh
    • Kunwar Ahot Singh
  • Thakur Mohbat Singh
  • Thakur Sundar Singh
  • Thakur Roop Singh
  • Thakur Nonand Singh
  • Thakur Kesri Singh
  • Thakur Shimbo Singh
  • Thakur Shobag Singh
  • Thakur Bajrang Singh
  • Thakur Devendra Singh, present Thakur of Bassi (see above)

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