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Begun (Thikana)

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Accession24th July 1954
Revenue₹ 300,000
Hindi Nameबेगूं
Also known asBegu
Last Updated3rd Jan, 2022

Present Head/Ruler

Rawat Sawai MAHA SINGHJI III, 25th Rawat Saheb of Begun, born 2nd February 1961. He did his schooling from the Mayo College, Ajmer and college from St. Stephens, New Delhi. He married Kunwarani Sanayukta Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Jaideep Singh ji of Ladana on 26th February 1995 and has issues, two daughters.

  • Bai Sahib Padmini Kumari, married on 25th April 2021 to Bhanwar Mukund Raj Singh, grandson of Thakur Umaid Singhji and son of Kunwar Hanwant Singhji of Santha.
  • Bai Saheb Kadambini Kumari

Short History

Also known as Begu, this estate is an off-shoot of Salumber family.


  • Rawat Chunda ji (1430 – 1443)
  • Rawat Kandhal ji (1443 – 1513)
    • Rawat Ratan Singh Ji (qv)
    • Kunwar Siha Singh Ji, he was granted the Thikana of Amet.
    • Kunwar Sanga Singh Ji, he was granted the Thikana of Deogarh.
  • Rawat Ratan Singh Ji (1513 – 1527). He died in the battle of Khanwa in 1527.
  • Rawat Sai Das Ji (1527 – 1568). He died in the battle of Chittor against Akbar.
  • Rawat Khangar ji (1568 – 1569)
  • Rawat GOVIND DAS (1569 – 1578). He died fighting Emperor Akbar’s general Mirza Shahrukh near Athana or Jawad (now in the state of Madhya Pradesh). His twin brother Kishan Das ji went to Salumber.
  • Rawat KALI MEGH SINGH I fl.1608 (1578 – 1628). Heading the Mewar army in March 1608 AD, he defeated the Imperial Mughal forces under the famous general Mahabat Khan, who was a favourite of Emperor Jahangir. Begu for a brief period was given to Ballu Chauhan of Bedla but was soon reclaimed by Rawat Kali Megh ji I. Emperor Jahangir was so impressed with Rawat ji’s military genius and courage that he affectionately named him ‘Kali Megh ji’ (black thunder cloud). Rawat Kali Megh ji I was offered Mansabdari by Jahangir and the paragna (district) of Malpura in Subah (province) Ranthambore, with an annual income Rs. 22 lac rupees (a copy of the farman in Persian can be read in Vir Vinod). Besides this, special privileges and honours were bestowed upon him such as NARAZU (Royal Insignia), CHATTER (Royal Umbrella), NAKKARA (Kettle Drums) and the permission to fly the Royal Flag on formal occasions. He resided in Malpura for a few years. But Rawat ji’s heart and soul always remained in Mewar and on crown prince of Mewar Karan Singh ji’s insistence he immediately accompanied him to Mewar and established himself at Begu. Rawat ji returned the estate of Malpura to Emperor Jahangir.
    • Rawat Raj Singh Ji
    • Rawat Narsingdas Ji, who founded Thikana Athana in 1628.
  • Rawat RAJ SINGH (1628 – 1677)
  • Rawat MAHA SINGH I (1677 – 1683), married and had issue.
    • Rani Takhat Kanwar, married (as his first wife), Rao Nahar Singhji of Parsoli.
  • Rawat MOKHAM SINGH (1683 – 1684)
  • Rawat KUSHAL SINGH (1684 – 1685)
  • Rawat ALLU SINGH [Allaji] (1685 – 1692)
  • Rawat ANUP SINGH I (1692 – 1700)
  • Rawat HARI SINGH I (1700 – 1707)
  • Rawat DEVI SINGH (1707 – 1740)
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married Rao Raja Budh Singh ji of Bundi
  • Rawat Sawai MEGH SINGH II (1740 – 1804). Additional title of “SAWAI” bestowed on him.
    • Rawat Pratap Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married Maharao Umaid Singh I, Maharao of Kotah.
  • Rawat Sawai PRATAP SINGH (1804 – 1807)
  • Rawat Sawai MAHA SINGHJI II (1807 – 1823), became a religious mendicant at the shrines of Nathdwara and Kankroli, but he resumed management of the estate on his sons death, married and had issue. He died 1866.
    • Rawat Sawai Kishore Singhji (qv)
    • Kanwar Madho Singh, married 1848, Kanwarani Chaman Kanwar, committed sati in 1861, daughter of Raj Rana Kirti Singhji II of Bari Sadri, and his first wife, Rani Sringar Kanwar. He died 1861.
    • Rawat Sawai Megh Singhji III (qv)
  • Rawat Sawai KISHORE SINGHJI (1823 – 1833), murdered in 1839.
  • Rawat Sawai MADHO SINGHJI (1833 – 1870), married the daughter of Rawal Sheo Singh ji (1854) of Samode and Prime Minister of Jaipur state.
  • Rawat Sawai MEGH SINGHJI III (1870- 1890), born about 1857, married 1879, Rani Chand Kanwar, daughter of Maharaj Shri Balwant Singh, Rao of Dattigaon, and his third wife, Rani Gulab Kanwar, and had issue.
    • Rawat Sawai Anup Singhji II (qv)
  • Rawat Sawai ANUP SINGHJI II (1890 – 1947), born 1889, he adopted Kunwar Hari Singh, son of Maharaj Shri Gopal Singhji of Anoopura, and his wife, Rani Dolat Kunwar, daughter of Raja Khuman Singhji of Ralawata; married Rani Mohan Kanwar, born 22nd January 1894, daughter of Kunwar Devi Singh of Parsoli, and his first wife, Kunwarani Gulab Kanwar, and had adoptive issue.
    • (A) Rawat Sawai Hari Singhji II (qv)
  • Rawat Sawai HARI SINGHJI II, 24th Rawat Saheb of Begun, born 26th September 1939 in Udaipur. The investiture ceremony took place in Begu on 5th October 1948. He completed his schooling from the The Daly College, Indore in 1956, completed his BSc in 1960 and his MSc in Agronomy in 1963. In 1967 Rajasthan state general elections he stood as an independent candidate from the Begu assembly constituency and won the elections. He joined the Congress party and was soon made the Minister for Agriculture of Rajasthan at the age of 27. He remained an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) from 1967 to 1977. First Class Umrao, married 1stly, Rani Kanchan Kunwar, died 4th April 1969, daughter of Thakur Govind Singhji of Raipur, and his wife, Thakurani Vallabh Kunwar, married 2ndly, 9th September 1970, Rani Suraj Kanwar (first cousin of Rani Kanchan Kanwar), daughter of Rana Pratap Singh of Guda Malani, and has issue. He died on 4th June 2018.
    • Bai Saheb Praveen Kumari (by Rani Kanchan Kunwar) [Rani Pravin Kunwar of Begun], born 15th January 1960. She completed her schooling from Sophia School, Ajmer and did BA from Sophia College, Ajmer and was married to then Kunwar (now Raj Rana of Bari Sadri) Ghanshyam Singh ji on 6th June 1981. Kunwarani Praveen Kanwar died on 24th August 1994.
    • Kunwar Maha Singh Singh (by Rani Kanchan Kunwar) (qv)
    • Bai Saheb Uma Kumari (by Rani Kanchan Kunwar), born 7th March 1962. She completed her schooling from Sophia School, Ajmer and college from Sophia College, Ajmer and was married to Kunwar Rajvir Singh of Amarkot in Pakistan on 11th December 1985.
    • Kunwar Madhav Singh (by Rani Kanchan Kunwar), born 25th December 1964. He did his schooling from the Mayo College, Ajmer and college from the Rajasthan University in Jaipur. He married Kunwarani Annapurna Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Guninidhan Singh of Talaogaon on 22nd May 1994 and has issues, one daughter and a son.
      • Bai Saheb Harshita Kumari
      • Bhanwar Jaivrat Singh
    • Kunwar Ajay Raj Singh (by Rani Suraj Kanwar), born 14th April 1972, went to The Daly College, Indore for his schooling and finished his B.A. (Honours) from M S University, Vadodara. He further did a management course from the IIM Ahmedabad. He married Kunwarani Rohini Kanwar, daughter of Rawal Kishan Singh of Jasol on 17th February 2004 and has a son.
      • Bhanwar Karan Raj Singh
  • Rawat Sawai MAHA SINGHJI III (see above)

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