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Bhinga (Taluq)

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Villages89 plus 1 patti
Area374.5 km²
Hindi Nameभिंगा
Last Updated21st Oct, 2020

Present Head/Ruler

Raja RUDRAMANI KANT SINGH, present Raja Saheb of Bhinga (Bhinga House, Cantt. Road, Lucknow, India), born 16th February 1966 at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer 1977/1986, at University of Lucknow 1986/1989 (B.Com.); Manager, H.C.L. Limited 1989/1996; Regional Manager, Suman Motels Limited 1996/2000; Country Manager, I.M.S. Digital Limited 2000/2003; married 1stly, 22nd January 1995, Yuvrani Sulakshana Kumari, died 29th July 1998, daughter of daughter of Maharaj Lokendra Singh of Panna, and his wife, Rani Nishi Kumari, married 2ndly, 23rd April 2000, Rani Dakeshneshwari Kumari, daughter of Raja Kameshwar Singh of Shakarpura and Bahadurpur Raj.

Short History

The Taluqa originally belonged to the Janwar Rajputs, being founded by a cadet of Ikauna. Lalit Singh Janwar, about the end of the 17th century found himself hard pressed by the lawless Banjaras of the forest and called in his brother-in-law, Bhawani Singh Bisen, who expelled the insurgents and took possession  of the estate.


  • Raja BHAWANI SINGH, Raja of Bhinga, younger son of Raja Ram Singh of Gonda. He died after 1710.
  • Raja SARV DAMAN SINGH, Raja of Bhinga
  • Raja SHEO SINGH, Raja of Bhinga
  • Raja JAGAT SINGH, Raja of Bhinga
  • Raja SARABJIT SINGH, Raja of Bhinga
  • Raja KRISHNA DUTT SINGH, Raja of Bhinga -/1884, Raja (Hereditary) [cr. 9.4.1884], married and had issue, one son and one daughter. He died 24th April 1884.
    • Raja Saheb Udai Pratap Singh (qv)
    • Kumari (name unknown) [Rani Sahiba of Malhajini], married Raja Bijai Singh of Malhajini, and had issue.
  • Raja Saheb Rajarshi UDAI PRATAP SINGH, C.S.I., Raja of Bhinga 1862/-; born 3rd September 1850, educated at the Court of Wards Institute, Lucknow; he took charge of the estate in 1869; he was presented with a cannon by the Government of India in 1887; he was also exempted him from the operation of the Arms Act and from personal attendance in Civil Courts; established Kshatriya Upkarni Mahasabha for which he made an endowment of 35,000Rs; founded the Bhinga Raj Kshatriya Scholarship, and the Edward Scholarships; has donated 11,000Rs for sending a Kshatriya graduate to Oxford or Cambridge University; has endowed 10 lakhs of rupees for the Hewett Kshatriya High School at Benares; he was granted the title of Rajarshi by the Mahasabha which has been recognised by Government as a style of address; retired from public life in 1895; author of A history of the Bhinga Raj Family (1883); Democracy not suited to India (1888), The decay of the landed Aristocracy in India (1892); Memorandum on the education of the sons of Landlords (1882); Minute on the Law of Sedition in India (1892); The Russul Question (1893) and Views and Observations (1907); married (a), a daughter of the Chauhan Raja of Mirzapur, married (b), Rani Murar Kunwar, daughter of Raja Raghunath Shah of Agori Barhar, and had issue. He died after 1910 and before 1930.
    • Kunwar Surendra Bikram Singh (by Rani Murar Kunwar), born 18th December 1878.
    • Raja Saheb Rajendra Bahadur Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Man Mahendra Bikram Singh (by Rani Murar Kunwar), married and had issue.
      • Maharani Brijraj Kunwar, born 26th November 1907, married 8th February 1920 HH Maharawal Lakshman Singhji Bahadur of Dungarpur. She died 21st January 1982.
  • Raja Saheb RAJENDRA BAHADUR SINGH, Raja of Bhinga, married and had issue. He died after 1933.
    • Raja Saheb Virendra Kant Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Yogendra Kant Singh (third son), married Rajkumari (name unknown) Kunwar, the second daughter of Raja Raja Tejbali Singh Shah of Agori Barhar, and issue.
      • Kunwar Yopendra Kant Singh, married and had issue.
      • Kunwar Sataindra Kant Singh, married and had issue.
    • Rajkumar Jayendra Singh of Lachmanpur (fourth son), married Rajkumari Brijraj Kunwar, eldest daughter of Raja Raja Tejbali Singh Shah of Agori Barhar, she died sp.
  • Raja Saheb VIRENDRA KANT SINGH, Raja of Bhinga, married and had issue.
    • Yuvaraj Alekshandra Kant Singh, married and had issue.
      • Raja Saheb Chandra Mani Kant Singh (qv)
      • Rani Bhuratna Prabha Kumari, married Rawat Sahib Nahar Singhji II of Deogarh, and has issue, two sons and one daughter.
    • Kunwar Chamendra Kant Singh, born 23rd July 1918, married 13th July 1936, Rajkumari Shyamraj Kanwar, fourth daughter of Raja Tejbali Singh Shah of Agori Barhar, and had issue.
      • Kunwar Arunaindra Kant Singh, born 19th December 1940.
      • Kunwar Varunaindra Kant Singh, born 27th September 1945, married Kunwarani Shashi Prabha Singh, and has issue, one son and two daughters.
        • Kunwar Tarunendra Kant Singh, died on 16th October 2020.
        • Rajkumari Shagun Singh, married to Kunwar Prashant Singh from Rewan and issues, one son.
          • Kunwar Pranav Singh
        • Rajkumari Shivalika Singh
      • Kunwar Upaindra Kant Singh, born 17th September 1948, married Kunwarani Ragini Singh.
      • Kunwar Shelendra Kant Singh, born 19th November 1951, married Kunwarani Rita Singh, and has issue, two sons.
        • Kunwar Devesh Kant Singh, married to Kunwarani Monisha Kumari, youngest daughter of Raja Saheb of Badhar Raj.
        • Kunwar Ratnesh Kant Singh
  • Raja CHANDRAMANI KANT SINGH, Raja Saheb of Bhinga; married 1stly, Rani Sahib Uttra Kumari, daughter of late Raja Digvijay Pal Singh of Awagarh, married 2ndly, Rani Sahib Shubhrashree Singh, educated at IT College and at Pusa Institute of Hotel Management, and has issue (by first wife).
    • Rajkumari Gayatri Kumari, married 29th January 1983, Rawat Nirbhay Singh of Salumber, and has issue.
    • Yuvaraj Rudramani Kant Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Alekshandra Singh, married Kumari Sangita Kumari, daughter of Maharaj Jayendra Singhji of Uniara, and has issue, two children.
    • Rajkumar Marighnamani Kant Singh [from 2nd wife]
  • Raja Saheb RUDRAMANI KANT SINGH, Raja of Bhinga (see above)

Other Members

  • Rajkumari (name unknown), married Maharaj Simarath Singhji of Raoti.
  • Rani Devsharan Kanwar, married Rawat Raj Singhji, 2nd Rawat Saheb of Meja, and had issue.

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