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Bhor (Princely State)

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Gun Salutes9
AgencySatara Agency till 1887, then Poona Agency (1930)
Accession8th March 1948
Revenue₹ 677,000 (1930)
Area2,357 km2
Population130,420 (1921)
Privy Purse₹ 89,042
Last Updated24th Nov, 2022

Present Head/Ruler

HH Raja Shrimant CHIMNAJIRAO SADASHIVRAO Pandit Pant Sachiv, 13th and present Raja of Bhor and 1st Class Sardar of the Deccan since 1978, born 12th March 1935, married Sou Urmilaraje, daughter of Shrimant Appasaheb Pant Paratinidhi of Kolhapur, and has issue.

  • Yuvaraj Shrimant Raguhrajrao alias Rajeshrao Chimnajirao Pandit Pant Sachiv, born 15th April 1967, married Sou Swatiraje, daughter of Shri Padmakar Joshi of Pune, and has issue.
    • Parthrajrao Rajeshrao Pandit Pant Sachiv, born 29th June 1995.
    • Ishaaraje Rajeshrao Pandit Pant Sachiv, born 20th November 1997.
  • Rajkumar Shrimant Deepakrao Chimnajirao Pandit Pant Sachiv, born 12th November 1969, married Sou Poonamraje, daughter of Shri Advani of Nashik, and has issue.
    • Sanjanaraje Deepakrao Pandit Pant Sachiv, born 26th December 2000.
    • Naitikrao Deepakrao Pandit Pant Sachiv, born 28th October 2009.
  • Rajkumar Shrimant Yogeshrao Chimnajirao Pandit Pant Sachiv, born 17th April 1976, married Sou Gayatriraje, daughter of Shri Girish Thakurdesai of Pune, and has issue, one daughter.
    • Nimisaraje Yogeshrao Pandit Pant Sachiv, born 1st September 2006.

Short History

Bhor was a feudatory of Satara State, and was bestowed on Shankraji Narayan, Pant Sachiv, in 1697, by Raja Ram of Satara, for his services. Rulers ranked as First Class Sardars of the Deccan and held a sanad authorizing adoption. 


  • Pant Sachiv SHANKARAJI NARAYAN, 1st Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1697/1707, he was appointed for services rendered to the office of Minister or Pant Sachiv by Raja Rajaram of Satara, it was accompanied by a grant of land, which formed the foundation of the Bhor Princely State; married and had issue. He died 1707 at Ambevadi.
    • Pant Sachiv Naro Shankaraji (qv)
    • Shrimant (name unknown), married and had issue.
      • Pant Sachiv Chimnajirao I (qv)
  • Pant Sachiv NARO SHANKARAJI, 2nd Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1707/1737, died March 1737 and was succeeded by his nephew.
  • Pant Sachiv CHIMNAJIRAO I, 3rd Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1737/1757, married and had issue. He died 1757.
    • Pant Sachiv Sadashivrao Chimnajirao (qv)
    • Shrimant Anandrao Chimnajirao
    • Pant Sachiv Ragunathrao Chimnajirao (qv)
  • Pant Sachiv SADASHIVRAO CHIMNAJIRAO, 4th Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1757/1787, died 1787.
  • Pant Sachiv RAGHUNATHRAOCHIMNAJIRAO, 5th Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1787/1791, married and had issue. He died 1791.
    • Pant Sachiv Shankarrao I Ragunathrao (qv)
  • Pant Sachiv SHANKARRAO I RAGHUNATHRAO, 6th Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1791/1798, he adopted his successor and died sp in 1798.
    • (A) Pant Sachiv Chimnajirao II Shankarrao (qv)
  • Pant Sachiv CHIMNAJIRAO II SHANKARRAO, 7th Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1798/1827, he adopted his successor and died sp in 1827.
    • (A) Pant Sachiv Ragunathrao I Chimnajirao (qv)
  • Pant Sachiv RAGHUNATHRAO I CHIMNAJIRAO, 8th Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1827/1837, he adopted his successor and died spl in 1837.
    • (A) Pant Sachiv Chimnajirao III Ragunathrao (qv)
  • Pant Sachiv CHIMNAJIRAO III RAGHUNATHRAO, 9th Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1837/1871, married and had issue. He died 12th February 1871.
    • Pant Sachiv Shankarrao II Chimnajirao (qv)
  • Pant Sachiv SHANKARRAO II CHIMNAJIRAO, 10th Pant Sachiv of Bhor 1871/1922, born 30th March 1854, succeeded 12th February 1871, installed with full ruling powers on 20th July 1874; enjoyed a personal salute of 9 guns since the Delhi Durbar of 1903, married and had issue. He died in July 1922.
    • Raja Shrimant Sir Ragunathrao Shankarrao alias Babasaheb Gandekar Pandit Pant Sachiv (qv)
  • Raja Shrimant Sir RAGHUNATHRAO II SHANKARRAO alias BABASAHEB Pandit Pant Sachiv K.C.I.E., 11th Raja of Bhor 1922/1951, born 20th September 1878, he succeeded to the gadi in July 1922; he was granted a permanent salute of 9 guns in 1927, and afterwards the title of Raja in 1936, married and had issue. He died 1951.
    • Raja Shrimant Sadashivrao Ragunathrao alias Bhausaheb Pandit Pant Sachiv (qv)
    • Shrimant Anandrao Raghunathrao alias Bapusaheb, born 29th June 1922.
    • Shrimant Narayanrao Raghunathrao alias Raosaheb, born 18th May 1924.
    • Rajmata Shrimant Vijayadevi, born 4th January 1927, married Raja Shrimant Chintamanrao II Bhalchandrarao Balasaheb Patwardhan of Kurundwad-Senior, and has issue.
  • Raja Shrimant SADASHIVRAO RAGHUNATHRAO BHAUSAHEB Pandit Pant Sachiv, 12th Raja of Bhor 1951/1978, born 27th September 1904, educated at the Deccan College, Poona; married and had issue. He died 1978.
    • HH Raja Shrimant Chimnajirao Sadashivrao Pandit Pant Sachiv (qv)
  • HH Raja Shrimant CHIMNAJIRAO SADASHIVRAO Pandit Pant Sachiv, 13th Raja of Bhor (see above)

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