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Bidhupura (Thikana)

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ClanKulhaiya Bhadauria
Hindi Nameबिधुपुरा
Last Updated01th Aug, 2022

Short History

Rao Bhav Singh left Hatkant as he had a disagreement with his brother, Raja Chandrasen. The Maharana of Udaipur gave the pargana of Hamirgarh to Rao Bhav Singh as a gift but recovered it later in 1434. In 1440, the Nawab of Kalpi invaded the Kachwaha kingdom of Lahar, when the Raja of Lahar appealed to Jait Singh for aid, Jait Singh sent his son, Bhav Singh with 5,000 horsemen. At Gopalpura, Bhadauria soldiers thoroughly annihilated the Muslims. After killing the Nawab, Bhav Singh seized the crown or kulha of the Nawab. Thus Bhav Singh’s descendants are known as Kulhaiya Bhadaurias.

The estate was founded by Thakur Gujarmal Ju, who was a descendant in the 4th generation from Rao Bhav Singh, a younger son of Raja Jait Singh of Bhadawar.


  • Raja Jait Singh, Raja of Bhadawar, had issues, two sons.
    • Raja Chandrasen, Raja of Bhadawar
    • Rao Bhav Singh (qv)
  • Rao Bhav Singh, was conferred the title of ‘Rao’, married a daughter of Maharana of Mewar, ancestor of the Kulhaiya Bhadaurias, he received 2 parts of Bhadawar out of 5 including the jagir of Bateshwar and Pinahat fort, had issues, 5 sons.
    • Rao Chakrasen, received jagir of Kharagpura
    • Kunwar Shakti Singh
    • Thakur Narayanmal Ju, received jagir of Kot or Rama Kot (qv)
    • Kunwar Khoni Singh, stayed in Bateshwar with Kunwar Shakti Singh.
    • Kunwar Mahesh Singh, stayed in Kot with Kunwar Narayan Mal.
  • Thakur Narayanmal Ju, he assisted his uncle Raja Jait ji in the war for retaining the possession at ‘Hatkant’, he was granted the jagir of Kot also known as Rama Kot. He constructed a massive garhi (fort) in 1486. The fort was built on the banks of river Chambal and its main gate were facing North. It contained 25 rooms (approximately), armory, Baarhdari etc. and was guarded by the canons, it had good connectivity of water. The fort was attacked by Daulat Rai Sindhia for helping Raja Pratap Singh of Bhadawar. The place used to be a massive town at its time, it is in abandoned state now, married and had issues, 3 sons.
    • Thakur Bhim Sen Ju (qv)
    • Kunwar Arjun Dev, established township of Udi, further descendants established Ranipura.
    • Kunwar Rai Singh, established township of Lodhupura.
  • Thakur Bhim Sen Ju, married and had issues, 3 sons.
    • Kunwar Jagatev, established Pachaygaon (Ancestor of Pachaygaon family)
    • Thakur Chaprabag Ju (qv)
    • Kunwar Salibahan, established Lodhupura.
  • Thakur Chaprabag Ju, married (a) Rani name unknown, (b) Rani Kaushal Kanwar Jadon who committed Sati in year 1637, before entering the burning pyre of her husband, Rani blessed the family members and later a coconut appeared from the pyre which was considered auspicious for the family members; after this incident a Sati Mata temple was built in Baraulli.
    • Thakur Hathiraj, ancestor of Rao of Badhpura family, one of the descendant was Rao Narendra Singh, he was the most famous and bravest of all the Rao’s, he won the battle fought at Varigava against Rana of Dholpur for which he was highly rewarded, and was given the Nagara Nishan which he extorted from Rana during battle. It is till date the highest reward obtained by any noble of Bhadawar. Besides this he went on to fight a lot of battles.
    • Rao Ajitrai, served to Badhshah and received the title of Rao, later realized his mistake, came back to his elder brother, give him the gaddi and stayed with his brothers in Baraulli.
    • Thakur Gujarmal Ju, established Bidhupura (qv)
    • Kunwar Bhagdant Singh, stayed in Baraulli
  • Thakur Gujarmal Ju, Thakur of Bidhupura 1642, he was 4th in generation to Rao Bhav Singh Ju, married and had issues, 3 sons.
    • Thakur Devi Singh, married and had issues, 3 sons.
      • Kunwar Kesari Singh
      • Kunwar Ujagar Singh
      • Kunwar Kapur Singh
    • Thakur Keshodas Singh, married and had issues.
      • Thakur Than Singh
      • Kunwar Feru Singh
      • Kunwar Shivnath Singh
      • Kunwar Mitr Singh
    • Thakur Dharajeet Singh Ju (qv)
  • Thakur Dharajeet Singh Ju, married and had issues, 4 sons.
    • Thakur Dheeraj Singh Ju (qv)
    • Kunwar Swaroop Singh
    • Kunwar Anand Singh
    • Thakur Parvat Singh, married and had issues, 6 sons.
      • Kunwar Damar Singh
      • Kunwar Mehtab Singh
      • Kunwar Kundan Singh
      • Kunwar Cheda Singh
      • Kunwar Shiv Singh
      • Kunwar Thaman Singh
  • Thakur Dheeraj Singh Ju, married and had issues, 2 sons.
    • Thakur Udot Singh, married and had issues one son.
      • Thakur Dalip Singh, he fought the battle of Pachera against Rana of Dholpur state with Maharaja Bhadawar. He was rewarded highly for his brilliance.
    • Thakur Madan Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Madan Singh, married and had issue, one son.
    • Thakur Dariyao Singh Ju (qv)
  • Thakur Dariyao Singh Ju, married and had issues, 5 sons.
    • Thakur Kadam Singh, (married had issue one son)
    • Thakur Hira Singh, married and had issues, 2 sons.
      • Kunwar Chandan Singh
      • Kunwar Devi Singh
    • Thakur Basavam Singh, married and had issues, 3 sons.
      • Kunwar Nihal Singh
      • Kunwar Baldev Singh
      • Kunwar Raghunath Singh
    • Thakur Nawab Singh Ju (qv)
    • Kunwar Vishal Singh, died s.p. in the battle.
    • Kunwar Khushal Singh, died s.p. in a battle.
  • Thakur Nawab Singh Ju, married and had issue, one son.
    • Thakur Randhir Singh Ju
  • Thakur Randhir Singh Ju, married and had issues, 3 sons.
    • Rao Bhadur Raghuvar Singh Ju (qv)
    • Kunwar Lakshman Singh, died s.p. at the age of 10.
    • Thakur Bharat Singh Ju (qv)
  • Rao Bhadur Raghuvar Singh Ju, born 12th October 1855, beside having a prominent position in Bhadawar state, he joined Rewah Durbar in 1875 and went on to be a Naib Dewan of Rewah state, later in 1896 he was brought as senior member Regency Council of Bikaner state further became Revenue Member of Council. He was conferred the tittle of Rao Bhadur as a personal distinction. Married 3 wives, (a) daughter of Thakur Madan Singh Rathore, (b) daughter of Thakur Lakshman Singh Chauhan and (c) daughter of Rambaksh Singh Kachwaha.
    • Thakur Surendra Bhadur Singh (qv)
    • Maharajkumari Kamla Kuwar, married Maharaj Moti Pal of Karauli state.
  • Thakur Surendra Bhadur Singh Ju, married and had issues, 5 sons.
    • Thakur Bishamvar Singh Ju, shifted to Jaipur.
    • Thakur Vijendra Singh, married and has issue, 2 sons.
      • Kunwar Captain Abhishek Singh, took voluntarily retirement from army, married to Avantika Shekhawat and has issue ,one son.
        • Bhanwar Abhvansh Singh
      • Kunwar Abhimanyu Singh, died s.p.
      • Thakur Durgendra Singh, married and has issues, one son and a daughter.
        • Kunwar Abhiyanshu Singh
        • Kumari Shubhi Singh
    • Thakur Kishanpal Singh
      • Thakur Satyendra Singh, married has issues, one son and a daughter.
        • Kunwar Ankit Singh, married and has issues, one son and a daughter.
          • Bhanwar Rajvardhan Singh
          • Bhanwarani Navya Singh
        • Kumari Suchita Singh
      • Thakur Bhupendra Singh, married and has issues, 2 sons.
        • Kunwar Amit Singh
        • Kunwar Nitish Singh
      • Thakur Dhirendra Singh, married and has issues, 3 daughters and a son.
        • Kumari (name unknown)
        • Kumari (name unknown)
        • Kumari (name unknown)
        • Kunwar Dushyant Singh
    • Thakur Inderpal Singh
      • Thakur Amarendra Singh
      • Thakur Shailendra Singh
    • Thakur Anurudh Singh
    • Thakur Sardar Singh
  • Thakur Bharat Singh Ju, married and had issues, 2 sons.
    • Thakur Digvijay Singh Ju (qv)
    • Kunwar Dalveer Singh
  • Thakur Digvijay Singh, married and had issues, 3 sons.
    • Thakur Shivraj Singh
      • Thakur Shivcharan Singh
      • Thakur Shivpratap Singh
      • Thakur Shivmohan Singh
      • Kunwar Shailendra Singh
    • Thakur Kamta Singh Ju (qv)
    • Kunwar Narayan Singh
  • Thakur Kamta Singh Ju, married and had issues, 4 sons.
    • Thakur Gadadhar Singh Ju (qv) (shifted to Delhi)
    • Thakur Arjun Singh, died s.p.
    • Thakur Rampal Singh, married and had issues, 3 sons (shifted to Etawah).
    • Thakur Jagdish Singh, married and has issues, 3 sons.
      • Thakur Janmejay Singh, married and has issues, 2 sons.
        • Kunwar Ripudaman Singh
        • Kunwar Veer Vikram Singh, died s.p.
      • Thakur Rajiv Singh, married and has issues, 2 sons.
        • Kunwar Rishabh Singh
        • Kunwar Divyanshu Singh
      • Thakur Rahul Singh, married and has issue, one son and a daughter.
        • Kunwar Yuvraj Singh
        • Kumari Aditi
  • Thakur Gadadhar Singh Ju, married Thakurani Shanti Devi Kachwaha of Dhikoli Thikana, her brother Thakur Harnarayan Singh was the Mukhtiyar of Gopalpura state of Kachwaha Rajputs.
    • Thakur Ashok Singh, married to Radha Kachwaha and has issues, one son and 2 daughters.
      • Kunwar Prashant Singh, married to Swati Singh and has issues, one son and two daughters.
        • Bhanwar Laliteshwar Singh
        • Bhanwarani Shrividya
        • Bhanwarani Chitrangana
      • Kumari Pooja Singh, married to Kunwar Raj Singh of Garrauli state.
      • Kumari Prerna Singh, married to Nitendra Singh Rathore, son of Brijendra Singh, 4 times M.L.A in Madhya Pradesh (fought first 2 elections independent and other 2 from Congress)
    • Thakur Abhay Singh, married to Neeta Singh, daughter of Roshan Singh Kachwaha, quiledar of Machand fort, his nephew Raja Raghuveer Singh was adopted as the Raja of Machand state of Kachwaha rajputs. Married and has issues, one son and a daughter.
      • Kunwar Vikas Singh
      • Kumari Arti Singh
    • Thakur Anil Kumar Singh, married to Bina Singh of Pratapner state and has issues, 2 sons.
      • Kunwar Vaibhav Singh
      • Kunwar Aishwarya Singh
    • Kumari Sashi Singh, married to Mohan Singh Bais (Kanpur).
    • Kumari Geeta Singh, married to Mohan Singh Bais (DCP Delhi police)
    • Kumari Neelam Singh, married to Inderesh Singh Kachwaha.
    • Thakur Krishanpal Singh, married to Anju Singh Sengar of Kusmara Thikana in Ruru State of Sengar rajputs and has issues, one daughter and twins, a girl and a boy.
      • Kumari Sakshi Singh
      • Kumari Sadhvi Singh
      • Kunwar Surya Karan Singh
    • Kumari Radha Singh, married to K.P Singh Rathore, settled in Dubai.

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