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Birmawal (Thikana)

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Revenue₹ 55,000
Hindi Nameबिर्मवल
Also known asBarmawal
Last Updated17th Sep, 2022

Present Head/Ruler

Shreeman Maharaj Pradeep Singh Ji, 13th Maharaja Sahib of Birmawal, married Rani Anjana Kunwar of Jharvasa.

  • Rajkumari Khandani Kunwar
  • Rajkumar Gajendra Singh Rathore


  • Sawai Pritiviraj Singh ji of Raoti and Kaneri.
    • Sawai Thakur Bhojraj of Raoti and Kaneri, succeed as Maharaja of Raoti and Kaneri.
    • Thakur Keshri Singh Ji, granted jagir of Jamli by Maharaja of Jhabua.
    • Thakur Kishor Singh Ji
    • Thakur Khushal Singh Ji
    • Thakur Bihari Das Ji of Birmawal (qv)
    • Karan Singh Ji
  • Thakur Sahib Bihari Das Ji, 1st Thakur Sahib of Birmawal, founded Birmawal in 1776 and installed on Gaddi. Came in Ratlam State but later shifted to Sailana when jagir was given to Jai Singh Ji of Sailana.
    • Rajkumar Daulat Singh Ji (qv)
  • Thakur Sahib Daulat Singh Ji, 2nd Thakur Sahib of Birmawal, installed at Gaddi on 1782.
    • Rajkumar Bakhat Singh Ji
    • Rajkumar Indra Singh Ji (qv)
  • Thakur Sahib Indra Singh Ji, 3rd Thakur Sahib of Birmawal.
    • (A) Kunwar Naharsingh Das of Raoti.
  • Thakur Sahib Naharsingh Das/Narayan Das Ji, 4th Thakur Sahib of Birmawal, third son of Sawai Thakur Surajmal of Raoti and Kaneri. Installed at Gaddi at Birmawal on 1814.
    • Rajkumar Jodh Singh Ji (qv)
    • Rajkumar Kirat Singh, later succeed as Thakur of Bola.
  • Thakur Sahib Jodh Singh Ji, 5th Thakur Sahib of Birmawal. Installed at Gaddi at Birmawal on 1835.
    • Rajkumar Umaid Singh Ji (qv)
    • Rajkumar Hemant Singh Ji
    • Rajkumar Kol Singh Ji
  • Thakur Sahib Umaid Singh Ji, 6th Thakur Sahib of Birmawal. Installed at Gaddi on 1854.
    • Rajkumar Gopal Singh Ji (qv)
    • Rajkumar Pritivi Singh Ji
    • Rajkumar Samavat Singh Ji
  • Thakur Sahib Gopal Singh Ji, 7th Thakur Sahib of Birmawal. Started construction of Gate in Birmawal. Installed at Gaddi at Birmawal in 1887.
    • Rajkumar Hindu Singh Ji (qv)
  • Thakur Sahib Hindu Singh Ji, 8th Thakur Sahib of Birmawal. Completed construction of Gate Started by his father. Installed at Gaddi at Birmawal in 1912.
    • (A) Rajkumar Moti Singh Ji (qv)
  • Thakur Sahib Moti Singh Ji, 9th Thakur Sahib of Birmawal. Constructed Moti Sagar lake, Moti Mahal and room of Glass on the Gate. Awarded to Sit on Silver Chair at Delhi in Tashposhy Function on 7 December 1911. Married 1stly in Bhilasri, 2ndly in Jamuniya, 3rdly in Baidia. Installed at Gaddi of Birmawal in 1912.
    • Kunwar Sahib Ranjit Singh Ji, died due to Pandemic in 1931 at Mayo College, Ajmer.
    • Rajkumari Nanda Kunwar, died at Sailana Palace.
  • Shreeman Maharaj Ramchandra Singh Ji, of Kaneri and Birmawal, 4th Son of HH Raja Jaswant Singh of Sailana. Granted jagir of Kaneri in 1907. Adopted by the widow of Thakur Sahib Moti Singh of Birmawal and succeeded to his estates.
    • Shreeman Maharaj Krishnachandra Singh Ji (qv)
  • Shreeman Maharaj Krishnachandra Singh Ji, 11th Maharaj of Birmawal, married a daughter of Rao of Bawal.
    • Shreeman Maharaj Rajendra Singh Ji, succeeded as Maharaj of Kaneri.
    • Shreeman Maharaj Lakshman Singh Ji (qv)
    • Rajkumari Vijaya Kunwari
    • Rajkumar Fateh Singh Ji
    • Rajkumar Bhupendra Singh Ji
  • Shreeman Maharaj Laksman Singh Ji, 12th Maharaj Sahib of Birmawal, 2nd son of Maharaj of Kaneri, married Maharanisa Resham Kunwar of Mohana.
    • Rajkumari Uma Kunwar, married Rao Raja Bhim Singh of Dhargaon.
    • Maharaj Pradeep Singh Ji (qv)
    • Maharaj Yogendra Singh Ji
      • Rudra Pratap Singh Rathore
  • Shreeman Maharaj Pradeep Singh Ji, 13th Maharaj Sahib of Birmawal (see above)

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