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Bithoo (Thikana)

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Hindi Nameबीठू
Also known asBeethoo
Last Updated1st Jul, 2022

Present Head/Ruler

Thakur Saheb Harishchandra Singh Ji, born on 16th June 1963, educated at St. Xaviers School, Jaipur and St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. Worked as Plantation Manager in Munnar and Regional Head of Diamont Board (Dee Beers Group). Married to Rajkumari Rajeshwari Singh, daughter of Maharaja Mahavir Singh Ji of Amleta and his wife Rani Bhagwati Devi of Adpur – Palitana and have issues.

  • Kunwar Pradhyuman Singh Bhati, born on 26th April 1991, educated at Delhi Public School, Jodhpur and St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. Working as Business head of a Plantation Company in Tanzania (East Africa). Married to Baisa Chandravali Kumari, daughter of Thakur Bhagirath Singh Ji of Nimaj and his wife Thakurani Malvika of Danta and has issue.
    • Baisa Krishnvi, born on 30th August 2021.
  • Kunwar Yashwardhan Singh Bhati, born on 15th August 1994, educated at The Daly College, Indore and St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. He was selected among 4 students selected to represent India and attend a summer session in Yale university on scholarship. He spent time as a tea taster and auctioneer and is currently based in Jodhpur and is working for a leading furniture wholesaler in US.

Short History

Badan Singh, son of Rao Bahadur Thakur Saheb Jai Singh, Thakur of Osian (Umaidnagar), was granted the fief of Bithoo in Pali Dist, Marwar.


  • Rao Bahadur Thakur Saheb Jai Singh, Thakur of Osian (Umaidnagar), in Jodhpur (Marwar), married and had issue.
    • Thakur Kalyan Singh Ji, was given jagir of Bhojasar and later changed to Bhanwari. He was adopoted by his elder uncle (Raja Singh elder brother Akhay Singhji).
    • Thakur Bhom Singh Ji of Umaidnagar
    • Colonel Thakur Mohan Singh Ji of Osian
    • Thakur Badan Singh Ji (qv)
    • Baisa Mohan Kanwar married to Thakur of Manana.
    • Baisa Badan Kanwar, married 11th November 1921, HH Maharajadhiraj Shri Umaid Singh Ji Bahadur of Jodhpur.
  • Thakur Saheb Badan Singh Ji,, graduated from Banaras Hindu University in Law and was Superintendent of Police for Jodhpur state police. Married to Dariyav Kanwar of Pachodi and had issues.
    • Thakur Saheb Bhawani Singh Ji (qv)
    • Thakur Saheb Moti Singhji, married to Baisa Anand Kanwar of Edwa.
      • Brijesh Kumari, married to Mahendra Singh Champawat of Sinli.
      • Baisa Hansa Kumari, married to Lt . Rao Saheb Rishiraj Singh Ji of Kanore (Mewar).
      • Baisa Anushakti Bhati
      • Thakur Mool Singh Bhati Married Antar Kanwar of Mandli (Pali) & has issue 2 sons
        • Kunwar Manvendra Singh Bhati
        • Kunwar Hridayraj Singh Bhati
    • Rani Suprabha Kumari, married Raja Saheb Gopal Singh Ji of Bhadrajun and had issues.
    • Thakur Saheb Bhagwat Singhji, married to Baisa Prem Kanwar of Edwa.
      • Brijesh Nandini, married to Thakur Kuldeep Singh Khangarot of Boraj (Jaipur).
      • Om Kumari, married to Shatrughan Singh Shekhawat of Chandana (Jhunjhunu).
      • Gayatri Kumari, married to Rajkumar Lokendra Singh Rathore of Pisangan (Ajmer).
      • Jitendra Kumari, married to Thakur Prithviraj Singh Udawat of Ras ( Marwar)
      • Namrata Kumari, married Kunwar Rohitash Singh Hada of Barod (Kota)
      • Thakur Umashankar Singh Bhati, married to Laxmi Kanwar.
        • Kunwar Keshavraj Singh Bhati
  • Thakur Saheb Bhawani Singh Ji, born in 1935, educated at Chopasni School Jodhpur, married to Rajkumari Shiv Kanwar, daughter of Maharaja Amar Singh Ji of Raoti and his wife Rani Sahiba Maya Kanwar of Tera Bhayat of Kutch and had issues. He died in 2018.
    • Baisa Meenal Kumari, married to Thakur Mohan Singh Ji Inda of Bhandoo in Shergarh and have issues.
    • Baisa Aruna Kumari, married Thakur Khem Singh Ji of Kasari in Nagaur and have issues.
    • Thakur Saheb Harish Chandra Singh Ji (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Harish Chandra Singh Ji (see above)

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