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Bogera (Thikana)

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Hindi Nameबोगेरा
Last Updated20th Nov, 2018

Short History

Bogera is a seat of Anandsinghot Rajvi, Rajvi Guman Singhji of Bogera was renowned Thakur of Bogera and his son Rajvi Rao Bahadur Gulab Singhji was the first Tazim jagirdar of Rajasar.


  • Maharaja Anup Singh, 10th Maharaja of Bikaner, married and had issue.
    • Maharaja Sarup Singh, 11th Maharaja of Bikaner
    • Maharaja Sujan Singh, 12th Maharaja of Bikaner
    • Maharaj Anand Singh, married and issue.
      • Maharaj Amar Singh, granted a mansab of 1500 zat and 1000 sowar.
        • Maharaj Amar Singh. Ancestor of Chiefs of Bogera.
      • Maharaja Gaj Singh I, 14th Maharaja of Bikaner
      • Rajkumar Gudar Singh
      • Rajkumar Tara Singh
  • Rajvi Guman Singhji, married and had issues.
  • Rajvi Rao Bahadur Gulab Singhji, he was conferred with Single Tazim Jagir of Rajasar by Maharaja Ganga Singhji of Bikaner, married and had issues.
    • Rajvi Devi Singh ji
      • Rajvi Virendra Singh Ji
        • Ajayveer Singh
        • Abhayjeet Singh
      • Rajvi Narendra Singh Ji, no issues.
      • Rajvi Jitendra Singh Ji
        • Baisa Shrishti
        • Baisa Madhavi
        • Baisa Jayshree
        • Bharat Singh
    • (A) Rajvi Jugal Singh Ji, nephew of Rajvi Rao Bahadur Gulab Singhji
  • Major Rajvi Jugal Singhji, an alumnus of Walters Nobles High School, Bikaner, Benares Hindu University and served in Ganga Risala, Bikaner State Forces as well as 1st Mahar (Borders) married thrice and has issues.
    • Lt. Col. Rajvi Rajender Singhji, Armoured Corps officer commissioned in 3 Cavalry, married and has issue.
      • Rajvi Shailender Singhji, an accomplished Polo player, married.
    • Col. Rajvi Surender Singhji, Infantry officer, he is the first commissioned officer of the JAK Light Infantry (previously known as JAK Militia) and has Commanded 9 JAK LI, married and has issues.
      • Kunwar Harshwardhan Singh, working as an executive with MNC in Mumbai, married to Kunwarani Bhuratna Kumari of Shivrati, has issue, one daughter.
      • Maj Kunwar Shakti Singh, an alumnus of Officers Training Academy, Chennai and a accomplished sportsperson, married and has issue.
        • Baisa Shaurya Kumari
    • Baisa Uma Kanwar, married Thakur Bajrang Singhji of Papda, has issues, two sons and a daughter.
      • Colonel Kunwar Bhanu Pratap Singhji, married Kunwarani Anupma Jhala of Bari Sadri, has issues.
        • Bhanwar Yuvraj Singh
        • Baisa Charvi Kumari
      • Kunwar Kapil Dev Singhji, leading authority in Indian IT industry, married and has issue.
        • Baisa Khushi Kumari
      • Baisa Anjana, married Col. Kunwar Chandra Singhji of Semari, married and has issues.
        • Baisa Mansi Shaktawat
    • Dr Rajvi Mahender Singhji, renowned humanitarian and accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon, an alumnus of prestigious SP Medical College, Bikaner, married and has issues.
      • Lt. Col. Kunwar Yudhishter Singh, married to Shweta Shekhawat of Gudha-Gorji and has issues, one daughter and a son.
        • Baisa Aahana Singh
        • Bhanwar Padmanabh Singh
      • Dr Kunwar Arjun Singh
    • Comdt. Rajvi Kan Singhji, an alumnus of Sadul Sports School Bikaner, served in BSF, married and has issues.

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