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Nayagarh (Princely State)

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AgencyOrissa States Agency
Accession1st January 1948
Area1,528 km²
Population140,779 (1901)
Privy Purse₹ 62,800
Religion Hinduism
Hindi Nameनयागढ़
Last Updated02nd Feb, 2024

Present Head/Ruler

Raja GAJENDRA CHANDRA SINGH, Raja Saheb of Nayagarh, born 14th July 1966 at Ranchi, I.C.S.E. from St.Xavier’s school in Ranchi; B.A. (Calcutta University) from St.Xavier’s collegiate school in Calcutta, married 4th February 1995 at Nagod in Madhya Pradesh, Rani Anchala Devi, daughter of Maharajkumar Kanti Dev Singh of Nagod, and has issues, three sons.

  • Kumar Poornavijay Kishore Singh, born 8th February 1996.
  • Kumar Harshavardhan Kishore Singh, born 9th February 1998.
  • Kumar Anantvijay Kishore Singh, born March 2005.

Short History

The Raja of Nayagarh belongs to the Rajput family, of whom there have been twenty-two generations since the time when its founder, Surya Mani Singh, a scion of the family of the Rajas of Rewah, established himself there. He established a garh (fort) at a place called Gunanati. He was elected by the people of the country as their chief and received in marriage a daughter of a Mali, who was the priest of the village goddess. Upon her death, he remarried a Kshatriya bride, whose descendants have held the gadi of two states, Nayagarh and Khandpara. Two or three generations later, the limits were extended from Gunanati to Nayagarh. The fourth chief established a garh at Nayagarh, and further extended his dominions. The twelfth chief, possibly Raja Raghunath Singh, expanded his boundaries by waging war with the Chiefs of Baud, Ranpur, Banpur, and Gumsur. He gave Nayagarh to his eldest son, possibly Harihar Singh, Khandpara to his second son possibly Jadunath Singh Mangraj, and Lakshmiprasad to his third son. When the third son died heirless, Lakshmiprasad was again included in Nayagarh, and the boundaries of Nayagarh and Khandpara, as then fixed, remained unchanged until 1947.

The twenty-third chief, Balbhadra Singh, was the last of the lineal descendants of Surya Mani Singh. He held the gadi for 12 months and was succeeded by Raja Raghunath Singh, a blood relation, who died without heirs in 1897.

The family obtained at various times from the Rajas of Puri the titles of “Champati Singh Mangraj” and “Mandhata.”

Raghuji Bhonsle of Nagpur had bestowed the gift of a flag upon one of its chiefs, and after the conquest of Odisha, the chief, for the assistance rendered by him, received an elephant and a cannon. The family cognizance is a tiger’s head.

The Raja maintains a military force of 741 men and 9 guns (1893).


  • Raja SURJYA MANI SINGH, Raja of Nayagarh, founder, scion of the Rewah Royal Family.
  • 22 intervening generations
  • Raja CHANDRASEKHAR SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh
  • Raja PURUSHOTTAM SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh
  • Raja MRUTYUNJAY SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh -/1784
  • Raja BINAYAK SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh 1784/1825
  • Raja BRAJA BABDHU SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh 1825/1851
  • Raja LADHU KISHOR SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh 1851/1889, born about 1843, succeeded 30th September 1851, married and had issue.
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married 1899, Raja Bahadur Sir Rajendra Narayan Bhanj Deo Bahadur of Kanika.
  • Raja BALBHADRA SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh 1889/1890
  • Raja RAGHUNATH SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh 1890/1897, born about 1862, succeeded 2nd March 1890, married Rani Padmamali Devi, only daughter of Raja Dasrathi Birbar Mangraj Mahapatra, Raja of Baramba.
  • Raja NARAYAN SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh 1897/1918, married in May 1903 to the Raja of Hindol and had issue, two sons.
    • Rajkumar (San Deo) (name unknown) Singh, born 17th October 1914, but died on 22nd idem.
    • Raja Krishna Chandra Singh Mandhata (qv)
  • Raja KRISHNA CHANDRA SINGH Mandhata, Raja of Nayagarh 1918/1983, born 15th August 1911 and succeeded 7th December 1918, 26th in descent from the founder of the state; instrumental in establishing the Nayagarh Co-operative Bank, a number of Educational Institutions, a Homeopathic Dispensary and the Memorial Club; M.L.A. (Orissa) 1957/1961; author of Footprints of Ramachandra; interests were Football and Writing; married 1stly, Rani Basanta Manjari Devi [née Homa Rajya Laxmi], daughter of Supradipta Manyabara Gen. HH Maharajkumar Sir Baber Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, married 2ndly, Rani Saubhagya Manjari Devi, daughter of Raja Bahadur Nabkishore Singhji Jagdeb Mardraj of Hindol, and had issue, two sons and three daughters. He died 24th June 1983.
    • Raja Brajendra Kishore Singh Mandhata (Rani Homa Rajya Laxmi) (qv)
    • Rajkumar Saheb Amarendra Kishore Singh (by Rani Saubhagya Manjari Devi), married Kumar Rani Saheba Sabita Moyee Devi, daughter of Thakur Rai Bahadur Birendra Nath Singh, Zamindar Saheb of Chandrapur and Padampur Estate, Chhattisgarh, and has issue, two sons and one daughter.
      • Kunwar Saheb Rameshwar Prasad Singh, married Kunwarani Suprabha Singh, daughter of Thakur Sourendra Shankar Singh, Zamindar Saheb of Chandrapur and Padampur Estate, Chhatisgarh, and has issue, one daughter and one son.
        • Kunwar Udayaditya Kishore Singh
        • Kumari Shrutimanjari Singh
      • Kunwar Saheb Amareswar Prasad Singh, married Kunwarani Sarita Devi, daughter of Lal Saheb Mitra Ganga Deb of Bamra, and has issue, one son.
      • Kumari Rajeshwari Devi, married Kumar Kaustava Chandra Deb, son of Rajkumar Bhupendra Chandra Deo of Talcher, a retired judge.
    • Rajkumari Padmini Raj Lakshmi (twin, by Rani Saubhagya Manjari Devi), married (as his 1st wife), Kunwar Narendra Bux Rai, younger son of Raja Nageshwar Bux Rai of Bishrampur, and his wife, Rani Hari Priya Devi, and had issue, one son.
      • Kunwar Sailesh Bux Rai, M.A. (English), B.Ed., presently (2008) working as a teacher in English with Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Patna Region; married Rajkumari Rashmi Devi, daughter of the last Raja Saheb of Baramba, Raja Krishna Chandra Deb, and his wife, Rani Jyotsna Devi, daughter of Raja Anup Singh Deo of Khariar, and has issue, one daughter and one son.
        • Kumari Shraddha Buxrai, born 13th August 1995.
        • Kunwar Shivendra Buxrai, born 15th January 2003.
    • Rajkumari Nalini Raj Lakshmi (twin, by 2nd wife), married Raja Pratap Rai, Zamindar of Andra in Andhra Pradesh, and has issue, one son.
      • Yuvaraj Pratish Rai, married Rajkumari Shriti Devi, daughter of Yuvraj Trigunateeta Deb of Chikiti, and his wife Yuvrani Usha Devi, and has issue, one daughter.
        • Kumari Sangali Devi
    • Rajkumari Anusuya Raj Lakshmi Devi (by Rani Saubhagya Manjari Devi), married Rajkumar Bhupendra Chandra Deo of Talcher, a retired Judge, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
      • Kumar Kaustava Chandra Deb, married Kumar Rani Rajeshwari Devi, daughter of Kumar Saheb Amarendra Kishore Singh of Nayagarh (see above).
      • Kumari Manoswini Sobhalakshmi Devi
  • Raja BRAJENDRA KISHORE SINGH Mandhata, Raja Saheb of Nayagarh since 24th June 1983, born 4th September 1933 at Nayagarh, educated at Rajkumar College, Raipur and at Patna Law College, earning a Bachelor of Arts, Law degree; married at Ranchi, Rani Lok Rajya Laxmi, and has issue.
    • Yuvaraj Gajendra Chandra Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Hemendra Chandra Singh, born 29th september 1967, educated at St Xaviers School and then Rajkumar College, Raipur, at present is a broker in the share markets in India, married Kunwarani Pratyusha (Member of Parliament from Kandhmal Lok Sabha Constituency of Odisha) and has issues, one daughter and a son. He died on 5th September 2014.
      • Kumari Dakshayani Manjari Singh
      • Kumar Aranyaraj Kishore Singh
  • Raja GAJENDRA CHANDRA SINGH, Raja Saheb of Nayagarh (see above)

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