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Nimkhera (Princely State)

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StateMadhya Pradesh
Revenue₹ 61,677 (1921)
Privy Purse₹ 47,011
Area233 km²
Population5,353 (1921)
Hindi Nameनीमखेड़ा
Also known asNeemkheda
Last Updated18th May, 2023

Present Head/Ruler

Thakur Saheb SURENDRA SINGH, present Thakur Saheb of Nimkhera since 24th November 1963, (Nimkhera House, Rau-Sonvai Road, P.O. Rau, Distt. Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India), born 5th June 1934 in Indore, educated at Daly College, Indore; Member of Legislative Assembly (Madhya Pradesh) 1972/1977, Chairman (with status of State Minister) of Madhya Pradesh Small Scale Industries (Government Undertaking); married 8th May 1956 in Shohratgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rani Jyotsna Devi, daughter of Kumar Shripati Singh of Shohratgarh, and has issue.

  • Yuvraj Harsh Vardhan Singh, married Rajkumari Arpana Singh, daughter of Raja Yadvendra Bikram Singh of Payagpur, and his wife, Rani Padma Kumari Devi.

Short History

The progenitor of the family was Rao Shivaji Chauhan, the grandfather of Rao Bawalji. Thakur of Nimkhera maintained a military force comprising of 2 cavalry and 28 infantry. The State held a tributary status to Dhar, with the Thakur being entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the policing of the road between Dhar and Sultanpur.

Furthermore, it was agreed that the inhabitants of the intervening villages, as well as travelers, would be protected from any harm. The Thakur pledged to suppress robberies committed by Bhils and others, taking full responsibility for compensating any losses suffered by travelers, traders, and ryots. He also vowed to remain obedient to the Government and provide no shelter or refuge to robbers and malefactors. These commitments were to be upheld by him and his successors, generation after generation, in perpetuity.

Once the Dhar State confiscated the village of Tirla due to the failure of fulfilling the aforementioned conditions. However, following the intervention of the British Government, the village was restored to the family on the condition that an annual sum of Rupees 500 in Ujjain or Indore Currency, as tanka, would be paid to the Dhar State.

The original grantee was Sheo Singh, followed by his son Bhima Singh, and eventually succeeded by his adopted son Kanak Singh. In 1863, the Government granted approval for Kanak Singh to adopt his cousin Dhario Singh as his successor in the case of a lack of direct male heirs.


  • Bhumia SHEO SINGH, Bhumia of Nimkhera, married and had issue.
    • Bhumia Bhima Singh (qv)
  • Bhumia BHIMA SINGH, Bhumia of Nimkhera, married and had adoptive issue.
    • (A) Bhumia Kanak Singh (qv)
  • Bhumia KANAK SINGH, Bhumia of Nimkhera 1853/1864, in 1863, the British Government sanctioned the adoption of his cousin, Kunwar Dhario Singh; married and had adoptive issue. He died sp in 1864.
    • (A) Bhumia Dhario Singh (qv)
  • Bhumia DHARIO SINGH, Bhumia of Nimkhera 1864/1894, born 1861, succeeded 1864, educated at Daly College, Indore, married and had issue.
    • Thakur Indrajit Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Daulat Singh (qv)
  • Thakur INDRAJIT SINGH, Thakur of Nimkhera 1894/1919, born 1889, died 1919.
  • Thakur DAULAT SINGH, Thakur of Nimkhera 1919/1922, born 1889, succeeded 26th October 1918, died 1922.
  • Thakur Saheb GANGA SINGH, Thakur of Nimkhera 1922/1963, born 1911 and succeeded 27th March 1922, 27th in descent from Rao Bawalji, educated at Daly College, Indore, married 1932, Rani Chandra Kunwer Ba, daughter of Rana Sur Singhji of Kherali, and had issue. He died 1963.
    • Thakur Saheb Surendra Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Saheb Dipendra Singh Nimkhera, born 25th October 1946 in Indore, married 27th February 1971 at Bikaner, Rani Saheba Sushil Kunwar, and had issue, one son and a daughter.
      • Thakur Devvrat Singh Nimkhera, married on 24th November 2007 to Ruchira Singh and had issues, two daughters.
        • Baisa Dakshayani Singh Nimkhera
        • Baisa Adyashakti Singh Nimkhera
      • Kumari Uttara Singh Nimkhera, married and has issue, one daughter.
        • Katyayani Singh Shekhawat, born 2006.
  • Thakur Saheb SURENDRA SINGH, Thakur of Nimkhera (see above)

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