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Nindar (Thikana)

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Hindi Nameनिन्दर
Last Updated11th Mar, 2023

Present Head/Ruler

NONE (No member of the family was recognized as the successor following the death of the last Rawat in 1936. However, two sons and a nephew received compensation in jagir bonds for the resumption of the estate in 1956.)

Short History

Raja Prithviraj of Amber included the “Sheobramhpota” into the 12 Principal houses of Amber called the Bara Kothri. As a Tazimi thikana, it is notable that only three of the twelve Principal houses came from predecessors of Raja Prithvirajji.

Nindar was founded by Rao Shivbramh, the fourth son of Raja Udaikaranaji of Amber (Jaipur) in 1366/1388. He received 51 villages, including Nindar, as his inheritance.


  • Rao SHIVBRAMH [Sheobramh], 1st Rao of Nindar, fourth son of Raja Udaikaranaji of Amber, he recieved the jagir of Nindar and 50 other villages, fought victoriously in three battles; married and had issue.
    • Rao Bhojraj (qv)
    • Rao Khagban
  • Rao BHOJRAJ, 2nd Rao of Nindar, married and had issue.
    • Rao Ridmal (qv)
  • Rao RIDMAL, 3rd Rao of Nindar, married and had issue.
    • Rao Ranmal (qv)
  • Rao RANMAL, 4th Rao of Nindar, married and had issue.
    • Rao Nathu, died sp.
    • Rao Panchayan (qv)
    • Rao Asal
  • Rao PANCHAYAN, 5th Rao of Nindar, married and had issue.
    • Rao Devidas (qv)
  • Rao DEVIDAS [Deidas], 6th Rao of Nindar, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Gopaldas (qv)
  • Rawat GOPALDAS, 7th Rawat of Nindar, a brave and fearless warrior, by the time he was 12 years old he had fought in three battles against the Bargujar rajputs. He accompanied Raja Man Singh of Amber in an expedition to the east, and killed the Faujdar of Balghata; in a campaign in the Kaimar valley of Afghanistan, he killed Katlu Khan Pathan; and in the south in Berar he distinguished himself in battle earning the hereditary title of Rawat; married and had issue, three sons.
    • Rawat Bhopat Singh (qv)
    • Rao Khetasi
    • Rao Rinmal
  • Rawat BHOPAT SINGH, 8th Rawat of Nindar, also distinguished himself in battles like his father before him; married and had issue, three sons.
    • Rawat Raghodas (qv)
    • Rawat Fatah Singh (qv)
    • Rao Dungar Singh
  • Rawat RAGHODAS, 9th Rawat of Nindar, died without an heir.
  • Rawat FATAH SINGH, 10th Rawat of Nindar, he fought victoriously against the troublesome Bargujar rajputs as well as others; married and had issue, nine sons.
    • Rawat Keshari Singh (qv)
    • Rao Chatar Singh
    • Rao Sujan Singh
    • Rao Achal Singh
    • Rawat Devi Singh (qv)
    • Rao Kushal Singh
    • Rao Mohakam Singh
    • Rao Ajab Singh
    • Rao Hindu Singh
  • Rawat KESHARI SINGH, 11th Rawat of Nindar, died without an heir and was succeeded by his younger brother.
  • Rawat DEVI SINGH, 12th Rawat of Nindar, married and had issue, three sons.
    • Rao Bakhat Singh, died young.
    • Rawat Jujhar Singh (qv)
    • Rawat Zorawar Singh (qv)
  • Rawat JUJHAR SINGH, 13th Rawat of Nindar, died without issue.
  • Rawat ZORAWAR SINGH, 14th Rawat of Nindar, a prominent noble and army general in Jaipur in the time of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur who appointed him Meer Bakshi; fought in a number of battles, mostly against the Jats of Bharatpur; appointed governor of the Pargana of Rampura in Malwa, which was gifted by the Maharana of Udaipur, during the minority of Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh; the northern gate of old Jaipur is named for the Rawat (Zorawar Singh gate); The Rampura pargana wad divided into 22 Taluka. Rawat Zorawar Singh gave Jagir of Malhargar to his son Ratan Singh Rajawat.; married and had issue.
    • Rawat Sardool Singh (qv)
  • Rawat SARDOOL SINGH, 15th Rawat of Nindar, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Bhopal Singh (qv)
  • Rawat BHOPAL SINGH, 16th Rawat of Nindar, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Hari Singh (qv)
  • Rawat HARI SINGH, 17th Rawat of Nindar, adopted a paternal relative. He died sp.
  • Rawat ISHWARI SINGH, 18th Rawat of Nindar, married and had issue, three sons.
    • Rawat Laxman Singh (qv)
    • Rawat Zalim Singh (qv)
    • Rao Jaswant Singh, married and had issue, one son.
      • Rao Swaroop Singh
  • Rawat LAXMAN SINGH, 19th Rawat of Nindar, died without an heir and was succeeded by the next younger brother.
  • Rawat ZALIM SINGH, 20th Rawat of Nindar, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Mahatab Singh (qv)
  • Rawat MAHATAB SINGH, 21st Rawat of Nindar, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer (the second stundent to be admitted) on 1st November 1875; married a daughter of the Jagirdar of Mahajan in Bikaner, and had issue, two sons and one daughter.
    • Rawat Ram Singh (qv)
    • Rawat Amar Singh (qv)
    • Baisa (name unknown), married the Jagirdar of Leri in Nagour district.
  • Rawat RAM SINGH, 22nd Rawat of Nindar, married to elder daughter of Parihar Raja Prabal Pratap Singh of Malhajini in Etawah district (U.P) by his second wife, a daughter of Babu Bhim Dutt Singh of Khajurahat in Faizabad district. He died sp.
  • Rawat AMAR SINGH, 23rd Rawat of Nindar -/1919, born 1887, married Jodhiji Rani Sugan Kunwar, daughter of the jagirdar of Dabadi in Jodhpur, and had issue, two sons. He died 1919.
    • Rawat Raghunath Singh (qv)
    • Rao Kishan Singh, born August 1914,educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; he was a brilliant student and remained Head Monitor there in 1931/1932; he served in the Jaipur Infantry and the Man Singh Guards as a commissioned officer; he left the army and joined the Indian Civil Service in the Excise, Taxation and Customs department in 1949; married Rani Laxmi Kunwar, eldest daughter of Apji Khuman Singh of Dabri in Kotah, and had issue, two sons and one daughter. He died February 1967.
      • Kumari Uma, married Yogendra Singh Chundawat of Athana, M.P.
      • Kunwar Mukut Singh, died young in 1959 aged 8 years
      • Rao Pratap Singh Rajawat, born 24th October 1954 at Nindar, Jaipur Dist., Rajasthan; educated (Graduate), studied Law for two years, presently working in Rajasthan Government as an officer; married 12th February 1981 at Bikaner, Rani Sheela Kanwar, and has issue.
        • Kunwar Akshay Singh
        • Kunwar Ajay Singh
        • Kumari Sangeeta
  • Rawat RAGHUNATH SINGH, 24th Rawat of Nindar 1919/1936, born 1908, the last recognized Rawat of Nindar; educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married 1stly, Rani Chandra Kunwar of Harasar in Bikaner, married 2ndly, Rani Mohan Kunwar of Mayala in Bikaner, and had issue, two sons. He died 1936.
    • Rao Surendra Singh (by Rani Chandra Kunwar), born 1930, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; he joined the Indian Civil Service in the Excise, Taxation and Customs department in 1949, together with his uncle, Rao Kishan Singh, but soon left the service and remained at home; married Rani Mahendra Kumari of Budsu, and had issue, five sons and six daughters. He died 1980.
      • Rao Ranveer Singh
      • Rao Mahendra Singh
      • Rao Veerendra Singh
      • Rao Narendra Singh
      • Rao Gajendra Singh
    • Rao Hari Singh (by Rani Mohan Kunwar), born 1935, educated at the Mayo College, Ajmer and later Maharaja’s College, Jaipur. Received the War Medal on behalf of his father by His Majestys Govt. in 1943. Thought at the University of Rajasthan and Mayo College. A prominent historian, mathematician and scientist he was recognized by the Government of India as awarded the Amateur Telegraph Operators License with the Unique Callsign VU2HSN. Awarded medals and trophies by the Indian armed forces for his work during the Trishna Expedition which was a seven nation peace boat expedition. It went at the mercy of the sea during its time at the ocean and Dr. Hari communicated and they were rescued, it was mentioned “where the army failed Dr.Hari succeeded”, married in 1955 to Rawatani Sahiba Sugan Kumari, daughter of Col. Thakur Keshri Singh of Kanota, and had issue, one son and one daughter. He died 2006.
      • Rao Harshvardhan Singh, educated firstly at Saint Xaviers, Jaipur and later at Mayo College, Ajmer (as the forth generation student ). After finishing his B. Com and M. Com in business administration and law, he was awarded Amature Wireless Telegraph Licence by The Government of India and assigned the unique callsigh VU2HVS. A prominent theater actor with performances including at the Pritvi Theatre, Mumbai and for the Amarican Center, Delhi. He took his work forward as an actor in Hollywood and Bollywood films, doing Queeny and Deceivers by Merchant Ivory Productions and later Ajooba, a Russian Collaboration film. Along with his passion for films he stated his own business by the firm named “The Harsha Enterprises” and currently runs a guest house at his residence in Jaipur. Married on April 1986 to Rawatani Sahiba Dr. Anju Kumari of Amargarh near Karauli. She first studied at Saint Sophia and Later the University of Rajasthan. She was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Arts by the IISU in 2013. They both have issues, one daughter and a son.
        • Baiji lal Neha Singh, educated at MGD school, Jaipur and later Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. Currently working as Ad. Director (Indian Economic Services ) Ministry of Ex.Affairs Govt. Of india.
        • Kanwaraj Jai Vardhan Singh Shivbhrampota, educated at Saint Xaviers, Jaipur and later Xaviers College. He was invited as a speaker and delegate at Harvard University, Boston USA for there International Conf. HPAIR and spoke on security and diplomacy in south east Asia. Currently running his own export business.
      • Kumari Rajyashree

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