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Nizamnagar (Thikana)

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Revenue₹ 2000
Hindi Nameनिज़म्नगर
Also known asPai
Last Updated18th Feb, 2023

Present Head/Ruler

Rao Gulab Singh, 3rd and present Rao of Nizamnagar, he was adopted by Rao Bheru Singh and succeeded, married to Thakurain Sahiba Ucchav Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Saheb Raghuveer Singh Chauhan of Palanhera in Dausa.

  • Baisa Nand Kanwar (Rekha Kanwar), married to Thakur Nagesh Singh Chauhan of Balwari in Haryana.
  • Baisa Prathiba Kanwar, married to Thakur Dinesh Singh Chauhan of Balwari in Haryana.
  • Kunwar Manvendra Singh, married two times, 1stly to Baisa Madhu Chauhan of Beejwar Chauhan, Alwar, 2ndly to Rajesh Chauhan of Dinaar in Alwar.
    • Bhanwar Pranay Pratap Singh Naruka (by Madhu Kanwar)
    • Bhanwar Adhiraj Singh Naruka (by Rajnesh Kanwar)
  • Kunwar Gajraj Singh, married to Baisa Neelam Rathore of Hajipur, Dhadhikar in Alwar.
    • Bhanwar Raghuraj Singh Naruka
  • Kunwar Yashwant Singh, married to Baisa Lalita Rathore of Kareeriya in Alwar.
    • Bhanwar Shivansh Singh Naruka
  • Baisa Meera Kanwar, married to Thakur Jitendra Singh Chauhan of Nanu Kala in Haryana.
  • Baisa Laxmi Kanwar, married to Thakur Prithvi Singh Chauhan of Nanu Kala in Haryana

Short History

The family of Pai, which originally settled in Jaipur, immigrated into Alwar in 1775 after Maharao Raja Partap Singh had established his independence and received the estate of Nizamnagar, the present seat of the House. The hereditary title of Rao was conferred on the then Jagirdar by the Darbar. The estate consists of two villages (village of Nizamnagar, half of Berka and half of Behari) of the annual income of Rs 2,000, and keeps up four horses for the service of the State.


  • Rao Kalyan Singh, received the grant of Macheri from the Mirza Raja Jai Singh of Amber in about 1671, ancestor of the panch tikanas (five families) and the bara kotri (12 chambers) of the Alwar nobility, married and had issue.
    • Rao Agar Singh, ancestor of the rulers of Macheri, Bijnor and Alwar.
    • Rao Amar Singh, founder of the Khara or Khora family.
    • Rao Shyam Singh, ancestor of the rulers of Para, Thana and Srichandpura
    • Rao Isri Singh of Palwa.
    • Rao Jodh Singh (qv).
  • Rao Shri Jodh Singh, 1st Rao of Pai, he was granted the estate of Pai in Bharatpur.
    • Rao Dilip Singh of Pai
    • Thakur Bakhtawar Singh
    • Thakur Sakh Singh
    • Thakur Durjana Singh
    • Thakur Zal Singh
  • Rao Dilip Singh, 2nd Rao of Pai.
  • Rao Medh Singh, 3rd Rao of Pai.
  • Rao Shri Kaim Singh, of Pai.
  • Rao Shri Gopal Singh, 1st Rao of Nizamnagar (1775), held the office of a member of the State Council for about 20 years.
    • Rao Shri Bheru Singh (qv)
    • Rao Mahaveer Singh, married to Rathore Ji of Surjansar in Churu.
      • Rao Gulab Singh, he was adopted by Rao Bheru Singh and succeeded (qv)
      • Thakur Phool Singh
  • Rao Shri Bheru Singh, 2nd Rao of Nizamnagar, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer, married and had no issues.
  • Rao Gulab Singh, 3rd and present Rao of Nizamnagar (see above)

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