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Yelandur (Jagir)

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Area264.0 km²
Religion Hinduism

Short History

Krishnacharya Purnaiya, a Brahmin of the Madhava sect, was granted Jagir of Yelandur in 1807 by Maharaja of Mysore in recognition of his meritorious services as Dewan of Mysore.


  • Shri KRISHNACHARYA PURNAIYA, 1st Jagirdar of Yelandur 1807/1812, born 1746 in Coimbatore Dist., Regent of Mysore (30.6.1799) – (23.12.1811), he was granted the jagir of Yelandur by the Maharaja of Mysore at a special Durbar on 27th November 1807; married and had issue. He died 27th March 1812 at Srirangapatna.
    • Narasinga Rao (by first wife), married and had issue. He died 1808.
      • Shri Srinivasa Murthy (qv)
    • Shri Anantharamappa (by second wife) (qv)
  • Shri ANANTHARAMAPPA, 2nd Jagirdar of Yelandur 1812/1825, died spm in 1825.
  • Shri SRINIVASA MURTHY, 3rd Jagirdar of Yelandur 1825/1830, married and had issue. He died in 1830.
    • Shri Narasinga Rao Krishnamurthy (qv)
  • Shri NARASINGA RAO KRISHNAMURTHY, 4th Jagirdar of Yelandur 1830/1858, married and had issue. He died in 1858.
    • Sir Purnaiya Narasinga Rao Krishnamurthy (qv)
    • Narasinga Purniah, married and had issue.
      • Shri Narasinga Rao Purniah (qv)
      • Srinivas Murthy Purnaiya, born 1893, died 1961.
  • Sir PURNAIYA NARASINGA RAO KRISHNAMURTHY, 5th Jagirdar of Yelandur 1858/1911, born 1849, came into possession of the jagir in 1867; B.L. Madras University 1870 and Fellow 1898, Member of Mysore State Council of Regency 1895/1901, Prime Minister of Mysore 1901/-, received Delhi Imperial Assemblage Medals 1877 and 1903, C.I.E. [cr.1897], K.C.I.E. [cr.1903], married and had issue, one son (died young) and one daughter. He died 1911.
  • Shri NARASINGA RAO PURNIAH, 6th Jagirdar of Yelandur 1911/1920, born 1880, married and had issue. He died 1920.
    • Shri Nagaraja Rao Purnaiya (qv)
    • Seshagiri Rao Purnaiya, born 1916, married and had issue, three daughters. He died 1999.
      • Purnima Purnaiya
      • Pretima Purnaiya, married Shri Gopal Rao
      • Bindu Purnaiya
    • Kamala Purnaiya, born 1903, married Shri C. R. Rao, and had issue. She died 1978.
      • Saraswathi, married Shri Mohan Badami.
      • Lalitha, married Shri J. C. Javeri.
    • Sushila Purnaiya, born 1910, married 1925, Srinivasa IV Rao Saheb, 12th Jagirdar of Arni, and had issue. She died 1989.
    • Manjula Purniah, born 1912, married the Jagirdar of Hebli, and had issue. She died 1991.
      • Shri Seshagiri Rao Hebilkar
      • Shanta, married Shri J. Kikkeri
      • Vanmala, married Shri Rangan
      • Prema, married Shri Gautama.
  • Shri NAGARAJA RAO PURNAIYA, 7th Jagirdar of Yelandur 1920/1960, born 1906, married and had issue. He died 1960.
    • Shri Raghavendra Rao Purnaiya (qv)
    • Nirmala Purnaiya, married Shri Sathyanarayana.
  • Shri RAGHAVENDRA RAO PURNAIYA, 8th Jagirdar of Yelandur 1960/2001, born 1940, died 2001.

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