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Name Definition
Ahsan Jang Excellent in war
Ali Jah Of exalted dignity
Amin ud-Daula Trustee of the State
Amir Prince, chief
Amir ud-Daula Sayyid ul-Mulk Mumtaz Jang A prince of the State, distinguished in war
Amir ul-Umara Chief of the nobles
Asaf Jah As noble and exalted as Asaf, the grand vizier of King Solomon according to the Muslims
Azam Great
Azam ul-Umara The greatest of the nobles
Azim ul-Iqtidar Most powerful
Bahadur Brave; a hero; at the end of a name a title = the English "Honourable"
Bahadur Desai Desai (Mar.), ruler of a province
Bahadur Jang Brave in war
Brar Bans Offspring of a Barar (a Jat tribe. The Raja of Faridkot is head of the tribe — Griffin.
Barar Bans Sarmur Sarmur, crowned head
Begum Lady, queen
Beglar Begi Lord of lords
Bhup Sovereign, king
Brijendra Lord of Braj, an epithet of Krishna
Chhatrapati Maharaj Lord of the umbrella. A king entitled to have an umbrella carried over him as a mark of dignity.
Deshmukh An hereditary native under the former Marathi Governments
Diler Jang Intrepid in war
Dinkar Rao Dinkar (Sanskrit), Day-maker, the sun. See Rao.
Diwan A minister, a chief officer of State